What is your life saying to you?

Over the past couple of months as the energy waves sweeping across the planet have been ramping up, I have been bombarded with messages from my life.

Each message is different. Some are messages of encouragement and others are clearly showing me what I need to work on and transform, in order to take my life to the next level.

Because I believe that the most important thing is for me to feel good on the inside and to be connected in wholeness, I heed these messages.

The latest has been a message about pressure.

When I started my journey of inner healing several years ago, my practitioners and I identified that I had an inner pressure which was keeping what I wanted at bay. This inner pressure was wrapped up in limiting beliefs, old memories and outdated concepts.

I worked to relieve the pressure and as a result flow started happening in my life.

Now once again I am being faced with a layer of “pressure.” A very deep layer.

I am clearly seeing through examples in my life how an inner feeling of pressure is still sabotaging me in certain areas.

In just the last couple of days I felt the pressure to measure up. I felt a pressure to entertain. I felt a pressure to be competitive and win. I felt pressure around money. I felt pressure to make a choice that I did not feel good about. I felt pressure to look a certain way.

Thank goodness I have the conscious awareness to step back from these pressures and simply observe them. Learn from them. Learn from what life presents to me.

Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy had a theme of pressure. I laughed because I knew that once again life was giving me a message, “Clear out this deeper level of pressure. Face it and heal it.”

And so the healing begins.

What message is life sending you?

~Love, Esther


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