Reader’s Question: Esther, why do you feel that the number 1 job of each person engaged with personal and spiritual growth is to be a conscious and deliberate manager of their vibration?

Esther: Because vibration is everything. It is the attraction factor.

Let’s back up for a minute for people who are receiving this information for the first time and as a nice reminder for those who have an understanding of energy.

We live in an electric energetic universe where everything is energy including you, me, the chair you sit on, the food you eat, the flowers and trees, the water you drink; the items you have in your home. This is not spiritual or new age or a crazy Esther theory this is physics. If this is new information to you and it peaks your interest please do some research there is plenty of great material to dive into.

Everything is energy and all energies have a vibration; how fast or slow they move.

The Laws of the Universe particularly the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction state that which is like itself is drawn unto itself.

So fear vibration attracts people, situations, circumstances; thoughts which are fearful. Once that fear energy gains momentum in your focus, in your personal energy field, fearful things begin to show up in your reality.

If your vibration is one of hope and you hold that vibration predominately, then you begin to attract to you people, situations, circumstances which are hopeful. And when you build the momentum of hope, you begin to move into higher vibrations like belief, knowing, happy and joy

Now let’s take this awareness to the step of manifesting your wishes, dreams, goals and hopes or Turning around situations in your life which may not be so great right now. Holding low vibrations as a dominate foundation or focus, usually create an outcome you don’t want. High vibration living, thinking and being create the outcome you are wanting OR EVEN BETTER.

Lower vibrations fear, anger, worry, despair, frustration etc… push away what you want and attract more of what you don’t want.

High vibrations like optimism, belief, knowing, love, joy, happy, content, satisfied, eager, inspired etc… help you to align with and attract what you do want to live and experience.

So to manifest your desires you need to spend the bulk of your time in a higher vibration, and hold it until that very thing you desire shows up. Hold it in confidence that it is already manifested in the ethers and it is on its way to you along the vibrational universal highway.

Question: How do you raise your vibration? You focus on what you love. What brings you joy. What makes you happy. What makes you feel good, puts a smile on your face, what is interesting and intriguing to you.

As you take these steps your vibration begins to rise.

And when your vibration begins to rise…

You move into alignment with your inner being, I call it Soul Essence that is the source within, the spark of you that is source energy, God Energy within or True Self.

When you align with True Self, you also align with God, Universe. You are all on the same highway, tuned into the same radio station and now you hear and know clearly messages, intuitive hits, impulses of action steps and receive guidance and direction to help you to receive your desired creation.  And in this space of high vibes, you can trust the information coming through because you are in Soul Alignment, You are aligned with Universe.

All you have to do to get into alignment, gain the guidance of how to create what you want, and pull that desire it into your life is raise your vibration.

And it’s not just about manifesting specific items or situations, as you raise your vibration you feel good, life becomes more enjoyable, your body feels better, your emotional and mental health is better, your health immunity increases, you see the world differently from a higher vibration… and not only do you change your life, you GLOW this vibration upon the people around you and if they choose to receive your energy glow they can be positively affected as well.

So to manifest your dreams, to feel better, have a healthy body, release anxiety, enjoy loving and fulfilling relationships, attract more money into your life, find a job or career that is enjoyable to you, meet like minded people for friendship, have wonderful and interesting experiences, you need to be conscious and deliberate about your vibration.

What I feel and have discovered is that the foundation of conscious manifestation is raising your vibration and many people miss this step.

They ask for what they want, they can envision, intend it and take action, but they take all of these steps while vibrationally out of alignment. As a result manifesting results are mixed at best.

Because I like to build from a solid high vibe foundation in my life & help my clients do the same, I felt a strong inspired pull to help everyone to Vibe Up.

If you are feeling low and want to feel better then vibe up.

If you want to consciously manifest something in your life, vibe up

If you want to move out of 3D and into higher dimensions 5D and above, vibe up.

Raise your vibration.

Once you have a strong foundation of knowing how to turn your vibration around quickly, what to do when it slips, how to keep a high vibe as your dominate vibe, then you have a good platform for consciously creating what you desire successfully.

It all starts with Vibing Up. Starting September 6th ,2020 we are going to do it together. Vibe Up and Line Up To Your Wishes and Dreams Come True. To Create The World you want to live in and align with True Self, God, Universe.

Please consider joining me. This will be the last Vibe Up for a while as I have some other interesting projects in the works for us.

Your Vibration Matters. Click on the link below for more details and to sign up now.

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~ Love, Esther  
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