Your body is always sending you messages of what is happening on the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual levels.

The body receives information from the mind + emotions and reacts. It sends you clues as to what is happening within.

Your job is to know the signals of your body. To decipher the information and take action.

Start by talking to your body. Your body will talk back.

Make sure you are speaking with your body and not some other part of you.

But if another part comes in do give it a voice. It may be the voice of wisdom, information, encouragement or sabotage.
All good pieces of information for you.

Some of the physical issues people come to me for help with include: recurring sore throat, thyroid, eyesight, headaches, heart flutter, knee ~ joint ~ lower back pain, insomnia, night terrors, acne, rashes, hives, foot pain, shingles, along with any number of diagnosis ie. cancer and diabetes.

The first thing I do is make sure the person is addressing the situation with a doctor or health care practitioner for tests, labs, treatment etc…

My part is to help you discover, explore and begin to internally shift what is happening within by identifying and speaking with the ‘parts’ in charge of the issue. Flushing out the beliefs, patterns, behaviours, concepts of reality, perspectives, interfering spirits and people influence holding the issue in place.

For example if someone seeks help with thyroid, we can talk to the body to get an overall general understanding of what is happening. As a practitioner, I also want to speak directly to the thyroid, the part(s) responsible for creating the thyroid condition ie the part of you that felt repressed in childhood, is afraid to shine, speak up etc… along with any other parts who can offer input on the issue. Checking in with Higher Self to get its perspective is also a good idea.

We gather information looking for the root cause of the thyroid issue and examine it along with the systems created around it.

Then I guide my client to be the observer of the information for their own conscious assessment.

Sometimes the person says, yes I see how that was the cause and I don’t want to carry that problem around anymore. This is good, we can move straight into the change part of the process.

And sometimes the person says, yes I remember that happening, but it’s true, I should stay quiet, it’s not lady like to speak my mind, I will get into trouble if I speak my truth; people won’t like me. They hear the message of the body and thyroid but are in conscious collusion, meaning, as a conscious mind they align with the limitation of the subconscious program.

Is there hope?

Of course, there’s always hope. First we work towards awakening the conscious mind to the limitations, their downsides and how the limitations protect and benefit. We also look at new possibilities and truths.

Once the conscious mind, my client, present in the now, begins to awaken and have realizations, those omg moments, time is needed to sit with the new awarenesses to allow the information to develope. This piece can take ten minutes or a couple of weeks.

When the conscious mind comes to a place of OMG I get it now, I see how I was blinded and I want something different, or words to that effect, we can begin the inner work with the thyroid, body and subconscious parts to instigate change.

With the inner work underway, action steps are required to support the change. The body and parts will give clues as to what are the best actions to take.

Once the actions are taken maintenance of those changes is important to prevent backslide.

If there is a backslide that’s okay, everyone has one from time to time. What that means is some other part or aspect of self is resisting the change and we need to give it a voice for understanding, exploration and change. Also the conscious mind might need some shoring up.

But with attention and commitment to the process, BREAKTHROUGHS HAPPEN. And a series of breakthroughs and shifts leads to the CHANGE you seek.

This process is not always easy to do on your own. You might need help.

I can help you talk to your body. Learn how to decipher its messages and to take action  towards positive change.
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Love Esther

Hi I’m Esther Bartkiw, holistic core belief therapist, intuitive and energy reader; entangled with LIGHT.  I blend core belief therapy with psychological tips, tools and techniques, spiritual concepts and practices to facilitate for my clients deep inner change which positively transforms their day to day reality.

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