During this month of December you will be hearing many opinions and perspectives as to how the month will unfold.

From talk of doomsday from those way outside of your energy field to speak of ascension. There will be views of portals opening and doors closing. You will hear thoughts from those who are spiritual, religious, lay people and the person living next door.

So what do you do with all of this information?

Ask inside to your spirit being what is true for you.

Check with your internal guidance system if the information resonates and feels right for you.

You are your own guru. The answers lie within you. You know best for you.

Begin to have conversations with your Self, your Spirit, your inner being.

Ask your Spirit Guides for guidance and direction.

It you are stuck use this tool to assist. When you hear information about 12-12-12 or 12-21 check inside of yourself, your being not your mind and notice does this feel light or heavy?

The truth will set you free and it is typically accompanied by feelings and energy of lightness and joy. What is not true for you will present as heavy.

Ascension is a personal experience. Each person is moving along their own path at their own speed perfect for them. Ascension is not a race.

November was about soul searching. Digging deep within ourselves and our psyche unearthing hidden secrets, patterns, beliefs that have been self sabotaging and holding us down. The eclipses helped us discover, explore and release as did some very intense solar flares.

December will be magical or mayhem depending on where you are in your journey. If you have been dedicated to your inner work, taking time to feel, explore and release you will begin to notice and feel the lightness of your being and the high vibrations around you. Joy abounds.

If you have been resistant to going inside doing your inner work and cleansing away all that you are not, you may find December to be challenging. The energies continue to press upon you the the desire for change. The energies continue to nudge you to let go. The energies continue to love you to move forward into new earth energies.

Do you embrace the energies? or do you fight them? It’s your choice sweetness, no judgment, no right or wrong. But the opportunity to ascend quickly is present if you are willing.

~Love, Esther

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