Every moment of every day you are in a state of abundance.

Abundance meaning a large quantity of something; full; overflowing.

The kind of abundance you experience depends on the beliefs and thoughts you hold in your mind and the actions you take based on those beliefs.

For instance if your dominate thoughts are of joy you will find yourself living a  joyful life.

If your dominate thoughts are of sadness, very quickly you will find you have an abundance of sadness in your life.

Apply the idea to money, what most people think of when they refer to abundance.

If your core beliefs and predominate thoughts are about the blessings of money. How you are worthy and deserving of money. How you can help people with money and that money is good, then soon you will find yourself overflowing with money. It’s the Law of the Universe which states what you focus on expands.

The flip side is also true. Worry about money. Focus on a lack  of money. Believe you can’t manage allot of money and what do you create for yourself? An abundance of lack and worry about money.

Abundance exists all the time in every area of your life. How it shows up depends on you and what you focus upon. You are always have plenty of something.

~Love, Esther


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