What a great question and one of many that I am fielding  during this time of accelerated change and as we approach the Octobers 18th  5th Dimension Business Activation Process  (click here for all the details)  

I felt this was a perfect place and time to address some of these questions and offer to you peace of mind.  

If you missed it, please read my recent blog post on the 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimension it will give you a basic understanding of the concepts. My aim is always to simplify for you ideas and concepts which may seem challenging to grasp. (click here to access the article)

The energies of 2012 have been intense and we have all felt them even those who are unaware that a great shift of change is sweeping across the planet.

These universal waves of energies are helping us to evolve more quickly than ever before into the emergence of our true self  in the 5th Dimension.

I often joke with my colleagues that if I knew it was going to be so fast and easy to shift in 2012 I wouldn’t have worked so hard at it for this past decade.

When I started my journey of change the energy was dense and it took lots of processing to change a limiting belief system or pattern. Now in one private session my clients are collapsing several paradigms and layers of limitations. It truly is amazing.

When I opened my business as a holistic therapist it was all about changing beliefs. As I expanded in understanding and awareness and moved into my purpose, belief change became the platform from which I jumped into all things energy and took with me those clients and people who were ready and willing.

The 5th Dimension is something we are all creating it is not something that is happening to us. As we let go of our limiting beliefs, thoughts, patterns, judgments, conclusions and focus on who we truly be, unlimited beings with all possibilities, the emergence of the 5th Dimension and the new earth energy speeds up.

We are experiencing a ramping up of this energy right now and it will continue until the end of the year.

What will happen in 2013? It all depends on the choices we make now as individuals, countries and on the global front. The important thing to remember is that life will continue on.

The 5th Dimension is place of oneness, unity consciousness where we operate out of love, compassion, win win and support. Duality, polarity, judgment, I win you lose, greed are no longer present.


Yes the 5th Dimension exists now and there are people on the planet living in this energy.They are grounding in the 5D energy for the rest of us to step into. Personally I have connected with the 5D new earth energies and continue to ground myself into them but at the same time my role/purpose is to help those who want to move into the 5D cross the bridge from 3D earth to the new earth. I stand on the bridge with my hand stretched out willing to assist anyone who chooses. There are thousands of light-workers across the planet that are also doing this work. 

Not everyone will choose to move into 5D new earth energy. That is free will, but everyone will have the opportunity and the door will always be open when they are ready. No one gets left behind.

No you will not leave your body when you move into 5D energy unless you choose to transition out of this lifetime.

Yes you may still have contact with people living in 3D duality if you choose. Think about it this way. You may go visit a large international city such as Toronto and your visit is in the posh part of the city. Little do you know that two blocks away the buildings are crumbling, litter is strewn across the streets, people hold their handbags closer to their body. You are unaware because it is not your vibration or frequency but there it is just two blocks away. One day on your trip to Toronto you decide to visit a long lost friend who happens to live in that district two blocks away. You travel to that area. Meet with your friend. Perhaps do business and then return to where you feel most comfortable in a place of your vibrational frequency. Make sense?

The 5th Dimension Business Activation Process is designed to connect you with the new earth energies. To connect you with the 5th Dimension frequencies and begin to ground yourself into the energy. Because this activation will have a business focus we will be drawing your business, work, job into the energy of the 5th Dimension so that you can work, play and live in this high vibration. If you read through the information sheet you will see that although I was moving into 5D energy I was still operating in my work methods on a 3D level and that just did not fit anymore. I had to make a shift and when I did everything changed. (read all about it click here)

Is this activation just for business owners and entrepreneurs? Absolutely not. Anyone can join. Even as an employee of a company you  can be the vibe of 5D energy in that workplace.

For those of you who currently do not work this activation will get you grounded into the 5D energy.

And you will receive a recording of the activation so that you can continue to root yourself in the 5th Dimension as you choose. 

How do I know this process is for me? Your being will tell you. It will urge you to participate. It will say, “Yes.” It will feel light and expansive for you as you read through the material.

If you are saying to yourself, “I’ll think about it.” If you have to think about it then you are waiting for your ego/mind to make the decision. The ego/mind wants everything to stay the same. Keep you in status quo and it will tell you every reason why you should not do the process. This is why I urge you to work with your inner being. If you inner being says no then leave the door open that sometime in the future you may be ready.

This is an advanced process for those  who choose to emerge into new earth 5D energies and take their business with them. There is no right or wrong or judgment. There is only choice.

If you are interested in learning more CLICK HERE.. to access registration and more information.

On Friday October 5, 2012 from 7-8 PM EST  I will be on Face Book to field any additional questions you may have about this process and the 5th Dimension. Remember we are heading into uncharted territory and that is why you came to planet earth at this very time to be a part of this historical event– The Shift. Esther on Face Book Click Here.

 See you then! 

~Love, Esther

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