Channeled Answer from The Tribunal:

Greetings. We are appreciative of the opportunity to speak with you about this subject which seems to be very much on the mind of the human species upon planet Earth.

You have been noticing that there has been an increasing frequency of earthquakes and weather patterns which cause destruction upon the planet. Incidents such as these have been happening all throughout the history of the planet Earth but many are taking notice of the calamities and tragedies which are occurring now. The volcano in Iceland. The earthquakes in Haiti and in Chile. And the rumblings that happen each and every day around the ring of fire and have been only noted by locals and not others. Even the destruction of your oceans as is happening off the coast of the Southern United States at this time.

There is a change happening upon the planet and Mother Earth is reacting to the human condition and to the energies moving across the planet. There are several things happening all at once and we will address a few of them with you.

Right now as the consciousness of humanity is rising and the energy of the collective consciousness of the planet and the higher energies of the universe sweep across the planet, Mother Earth is forced to shift herself to be in sync with the humans and universal energies of planet Earth. For when the energy of the planet is different from that of the consciousness of the people, humanity is unable to survive. In this respect these earthquakes and rumblings are in response to the growing consciousness being greeted by humanity and this is good.

There is also within this awakening an occurrence happening of a falling away of that which is negative, old and outdated. You most observed this within the economic structure not only in North America but across the world. There is a new economy emerging and a new outlook to business and finance that is happening especially amongst the young souls of the planet. And just as businesses and people and organizations clear themselves of the old, of the negative and of the clutter, Mother Earth is also cleansing herself from deep within, of the negativity she has been bombarded with over the past centuries. A  part of this cleansing manifests itself in the erruptions of volcanoes, the rumbling of the earth and weather patterns that to the human appear to cause disruption and destruction, but from our vantage point are highly beneficial to humanity and to the planet for survival centuries into the future.

And so we hear you asking as you read our words and listen to our words, what of the deaths of  thousands of people which has occured during these rumblings and quakes?

It is a good question. Many of the people who perished during these Earth transitions and cleansing knew as part of their soul contract that this would be their role upon the planet at this time. For instance many lives were lost in Haiti and the good that came out of that situation was that the heart chakra of humanity was cracked wide open and compassion and love and the global united effort to help the people affected came into play. It was a blessing upon the planet and those who perished knew this was their role and their purpose in this existence, in this lifetime.

We understand that this may be challenging for some of those listening and reading to understand. All we ask is to keep an open mind and permit us to offer to you our observations and understandings from our universal perspective. We also see that many of the lives lost were of that negativity that requires cleansing and it was a natural order of the earth and of the planet moving forward. There will continue to be a cleansing of the planet Earth. Mother Earth will continue to rumble and erupt, shift and change herself to cleanse and to accommodate the new consciousness, the new thinking  and the fourth dimension that you are moving into upon this planet.

While there is much to speak about on this topic we feel at this time we have offered enough for thought, for contemplation, for meditation. We delight in the prospect of speaking with you about this in the future.

Love to you and with this we are complete.

~The Tribunal~

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