I’m fairly certain that no Being of Light, including you, looked down on Earth and said: Oh I want to go back to Earth find a job and work. That is my purpose.

We come to Earth and take on a physical body to have experiences that we cannot have elsewhere. Touching, feeling, eating, seeing, hearing; sensing.

We come to earth to experience, learn, grow, expand in consciousness, raise our vibration and be in service to others.

To have fun, play, explore, adventure, try new things, learn what we like and don’t like. What works and what doesn’t. What we are good at and what others are good at.

Yes the culture of Earth is to work and have a job. That’s fine. I have one too. I grew up on a farm and started working from the time I was knee high to my Dad and that’s truth. So do something you love and then it’s not work it’s a passion, fun, a joy even when you put in copious hours.

And yes at this time we still require money to live and one of the ways we receive money is through work. Again do something you love.

But don’t get fooled that having a job is your sole/soul Purpose. It might be connected to your purpose as mine is. It might be a means to engage with your purpose, support monetarily your purpose, your family; your day to day as you live and engage in your Purpose. But it is not the whole kit and caboodle of why you chose to come to Earth. Your excitement for Earth Experience was not to work long hours at a job you don’t enjoy, perhaps even makes you sick.

Be mindful of placing your full life focus on work, career; your job. While there is a place for everything, including work, there is more to your decision to incarnate on Earth. Especially during this time of World History and the Great Awakening. I know many people including myself who engage in work and then spend most of their free time focused on creating more consciousness within the collective. Offering the sleepers a nudge of awakening. Spending time in nature. Exploring our cities, countries; the world. Researching, learning, accounting for all sides and perspectives to make a choice supportive of our journey.

Check in with your Divine Self. Did you come to Earth to slave at a job at the detriment to living and experiencing life? Was that your focus in the Heavens when you were planning a return? Oh I am going back to Earth to get a job and work at that job until I die. I can’t wait.

No you came to grow, experience, learn be of service to the world. Be the Light that you are. Shine on friend and adventure!

Love, Esther

Image: Sacred Spirit Journey To the Bosnian Pyramids 2018 Group on top of the Sun Pyramid. Yes we all work. We also adventure, learn, grow, experience, try new things, assist others.

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