Have you ever asked yourself this question: Who Is In Control Me or God? It’s one that comes up now and then during channeled readings and at one time I too pondered this very same issue. I often wondered, Does God over rule my wants and desires? If I surrender to Universe’s will do I have any say at all?

Not only have I struggled with this question many people are challenged by for it is the premise of most religions that God’s will is always done and trumps your will or desire. Even the well known Lord’s Prayer includes the phrase, “Thy Will Be Done.”

As a result  many people take a point of view and positioning of: Things happen to me. I have no control. What will be will be. And they give up trying or wanting.

My Spirit Team has offered much guidance and understanding in this area and I extend it to you for consideration.

Your choices and wants often come from your human desire and personality, your likes and dislikes as a Spirit living in human body. That’s why you came to this planet Earth to live life and experience.

There is also the choice of Universe, The Divine, God however Source Energy presents and connects to you.

When you say to God The Universe, Thy will be done. I surrender. Whatever you have planned for me I accept; you are not necessarily asking Source to take over or make the choice, rather you are inviting Source Energy to come into your life, to work with you in harmony, in partnership in that area  or situation and help you to move forward in the highest possible vibration. For Universe is able to see and perceive far beyond what you can see.

Universe in all its wisdom  is able and willing to deliver to you a solution or answer to your situation that you in your humanness cannot see or conceive. The solution may be very different then what you are wishing for or intending. But Universe as all knowing, all loving, is able to usher into your life what is for your highest and best good in support of your desire and wishes. Not in control of your desire and wishes.

When you say to Universe, I surrender to you, thy will be done, you are opening your heart and mind to the wisdom of Universe and asking Source Energy to share in your experience with you. Universe hears your prayers and calls for assistance. It knows what you want.

When you say to Universe thy will be done, you are saying,  I want you to be a partner of this co-creation. You know better then I can know living in this human body. I trust you to deliver to me what I desire or even better; that which I cannot even imagine or conceive of at this time. I know you see a bigger picture. I know you understand that as a Spirit in a human body this is what I think I want. I know you know that I have come to planet Earth to have certain experiences, to grow and  learn. I know that you will help me to have those experiences so that I can move forward to more consciousness

When you surrender to the Universe it does not mean that Universe is going to Lord it over you. It does not mean that Universe will be a taskmaster or say to you — No you cannot have thing that you so desire.

When you surrender to the Universe you allow yourself to be open to Universe sending  guidance, direction,  inspiration and wisdom of the next steps to take. To give you something even greater then you can imagine.

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When you act out of a stance of: This is what I want, I don’t care what Universe wants.  You limit yourself in the realm of all possibilities. In our humanness we tend to not dream big enough. We ask for what we think we can get.  When we include Universe in our co-creations Universe smiles down upon us and says– Watch this! That’s when magic and miracles happen. By surrendering to Universe– by saying to Universe–God this is what I want now I am going to put you in charge, show me, guide me, help me, you are opening yourself to the greatest of possibilities and co-creation void of control.

Universe always works with you to deliver the desires of your heart even when they show up  different from how you imagined or projected them to be. Universe never gives you less. Universe delivers to you what is an exact vibrational match to you– always going bigger then you can even imagine.

In your meditation, prayers, in your asking may I suggest that you include the phrase, This is what I desire or better. This is what I want and I am open to whatever you see fit  for my highest and best good. Thy will be done.

As you take these steps you establish a beautiful relationship as co-creator with Source Energy. You will learn and grow and as a spark of creation you begin to experience your heart’s desires and/or even better.

~Love, Esther








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