Which Feminine Energy Shall I Exalt today?
Queen, Lover, Mother or Girl?

As we live our day to day in a female body with feminine essence,
our feminine parts and aspects are at the forefront of helping us to create the life we want to live

Ideally when our feminine energies are healthy, vibrant and mature, they flow in harmony
throughout the day assisting us in life.

But sometimes one of our female parts wants some extra attention, is in need of expression, desires to take the lead.
And that is okay. Let her.

And sometimes you the reader, as the focused consciousness in the body, may want to play in the energy of a specific feminine archetype.
You might wake up one morning and say, Oh today I want my Queen to rise up.
Today I want to play and express my Girl energy. Today it’s all about Lover Energy, boom chica boom boom. Or today I am
going to visit a friend and nurture, Mother energy.
Being a light being in a female body with a feminine essence is fun like that!

The key is being in touch with your feminine parts and developing them to be healthy, mature and vibrant.

So what shall it be? Queen, Lover, Mother or Girl expression today?
Or all of the above?

Radiate the Fullness of Your Feminine Energies.
Queen, Lover, Mother and Girl.
Program starts April 1st.
Registration is open here’s the link. https://whispersfromthesoul.com/feminine-energy

Love, Esther

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