Feel like you are on teetering between dimensions? Since our separation from the 3D world in December 2012 it has been an interesting journey walking the bridge to the 5D New Earth and grounding into higher frequencies.

One minute it feels like you are basking in the vibes of the 5th dimension and then suddenly you are back in the depths of polarity and density. A minute later you are on the bridge of the 4th dimension heading back to New Earth grounding. What seems like wild swings are very common amongst conscious creators at this time.

We are on a journey of purging limitation and density;  all of the old outdated information and programming. When we let go we settle into a new vibration ready to get comfortable and then wham another layer of stuff comes up. For most this pattern will continue until the end the end of 2015 when all of our inner work and focus on expansion will take hold and root in a more stable and exciting way.

In the meantime we have waves of different energies to navigate. One factor influencing this see sawing behavior is that as we pull away from the 3rd dimension we become more acutely aware of what the 3D world was all about; greed, control, domination, polarity and we don’t like it. Because of our new awareness when we encounter these energies head on or in our peripheral view it makes us uncomfortable.

You feel it and notice at work, family gatherings, with friends, places you visit or frequent. Your personal antennas are zeroing on a new frequency ~the 5th dimension ~ and when you hear and experience static from the 3rd dimension it’s grating.

Many people in the discomfort of this grating energy are wanting to seclude themselves and escape from home and work situations that are less then stellar to the body and energy field. While this certainly is a choice may I suggest that perhaps your journey is to be able to hold your 5D vibration in the 3D world that you work and live in. By being a 5D light in a 3D world you are helping to transform the people and businesses you come in contact with. It would be easy for all us to say I am only hanging around with 5D people or those on that path but as wayshowers how are we to help awaken those who
are in need of our help if we are hiding and in seclusion?

I suggest a switch in focus from I am uncomfortable in this world to What would it take to hold this high vibration in my current circumstances and be a light to the world that needs me?

During the shift from 3D to 5D we are also undergoing a massive  shift within ourselves mind, body and emotional systems. As we move into expanded consciousness and vibrations we are experiencing ego resistance. Our ego does not want to lose control. It does not want us to become more conscious. As we change our vibration and move into higher frequencies opening to more consciousness the power of our ego diminishes and we feel its terror and push for domination inside of ourselves. This push pull is what much of the see sawing is all about; ego resistance.  We move forward with intentions of claiming back our mind and body and the ego is pulling out all the stops to pull us back into the mire.  It does not want to lose control.

Don’t worry sweet being you are so much more then your ego and with the right approach, focus and attitude that resistance will wane and the push pull will settle down.  In the meantime stay focused on your journey and stand in your power.

In addition as we walk along the 4D bridge to the 5th Dimension New Earth some of our own personal stuff is getting triggered and sabotages our progress. We feel we are taking a step back when our stuff comes up but the blessing is that all of this stuff  is forcing us to be more conscious, look at it, learn, grow and transmute it. We continue to move through a personal process of clearing out the old to embrace the new.

golden gate bridge

What is all of this sabotaging energy spewing forth?

  • old outdated and limiting beliefs
  • limiting patterns and behaviors
  • other people’s energy that is lingering about
  • power leaks in our physical and energy body
  • lessons not learned or learned but not applied

What To Do When You Feel The See Saw between the 3D-5D worlds?

  1. Do your inner work and continue to clear and release limitation.
  2. Let go of other people’s energy lingering in your field.
  3. Learn the lessons and apply them. Often people intellectually get the lessons but don’t put them into play.
  4. Ground into the 5D New Earth energy daily with meditation or intention–root in.
  5. When you feel yourself see sawing focus on a more expansive vibrations and bring them into your field. Connect with the energy of love, joy, peace and flood your body with the high vibes. Be with nature. Listen to beautiful music. Play and have fun.
  6. Breath. The breath moves energy and deep breathing will help you to access the stillness inside.C
  7. Connect with the zero point and and drop into the still small place inside.

As we transition more fully into our light bodies the ego will blend into the background, the outside noise and interference will subside and you will find yourself spending more and more time in the 5D world. Then  one day you will wake up and realize you are fully living in the New Earth energy.

~Love, Esther




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