What’s Ahead for 2017? I am currently working on a newsletter with a preview of information I am receiving for the year ahead. Here is some additional information for your consideration.

In 2017 the majority of those on a Conscious Journey of Ascension will start moving from an intellectual knowing that we are Love, Light, Divine to embodiment which is Living as Love. Starting to live our Truth, expressing freely from the heart with Love. Sticking to our values and yet open to other people’s ideas, ways and behaviors without judgment.

We will be flowing with and following our inner guidance without need of confirmation from anyone else, laying down modalities, methods, spiritual tools and practices that were oh so very important as we moved from 3D, across the 4D bridge and into 5D New Earth Energies.

We will claim our healing and release ourselves from a healing cycle. Also claiming our abilities to be our own healers.

Many people started doing all of the above this year 2016. Especially during the tail-end of this year. And my work with ALL has been focused on helping those who are ready to free themselves from a healing cycle and move from Loving Self to living as Love: I AM.

All of this is going to really take hold in 2017 as we claim our sovereignty.

~Love, Esther
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