Raise Your Vibration and good things begin to find their way into your life.

Whatever is active in your vibration is coming to you.

The question is, what IS active in your vibration field?

The easiest way to assess your vibration is to

Observe your life.

What and who is showing up in your life are indicators of your vibration because

You are the attraction factor.

Your vibration is determined by your thoughts, feelings, emotions, concepts of reality, perceptions, the action you take.

Make it more simple? Thoughts and Emotions+Feelings = Your Vibration.

Your thoughts are electric. Your thoughts are a signal going out into the world saying, This is what I am thinking about World/Universe. This is what is important to me right now.

Your emotions are magnetic. They draw unto you. Magnetize unto you.

If you think the world is scary and feel fear you are a magnet for bad news, scary people and situations etc…

If you think, Hey today was a pretty good day and you feel hope, happy, satisfaction … that energy of thought + emotion and feeling creates a vibe that sets you up for more pretty good days, feeling hope, happy; satisfaction.

To live high vibe your thoughts and emotions must line up supporting each other. They work in tandem in creating the life you desire.

And those thoughts and emotions must be your dominate experience.

Oh we all slip from time to time. What matters is how quickly you become aware of your slip and how you turn that slip.

No one can maintain a high vibe all of the time. Life is crazy. There are ups and downs. Each of us get triggered due to life stressors, unaddressed issues, memories, events from the past.

But despite all of that, if you are conscious enough to hold supportive thoughts, visualizations and in your body feel the matching emotion, you are on the path to successfully creating your desired manifestations, goals; dreams.

As a reader of my material you are likely someone who does personal and spiritual growth and development, I call it inner work.

We all do inner work getting our mindset, thoughts supportive to who we are and what we want to live and experience.

And the emotional work to flush out and release inner trauma (unexpressed emotion from the past) and funnel in the Light, Energy to set free the emotions/feelings like happy, joy, love, satisfaction, which ALL reside within us. Within you. Happiness is not outside of you. It lies within ready to tap into and expand throughout your whole body, mind and energy field.

As someone who has facilitated inner work for personal clients and groups for 18+ years, I have noticed that changing emotion and focus is the quickest way to turn your vibe around when thoughts run wild with negativity, doubt and uncertainty.

In fact you can change your vibe in less than a minute when you know how to shift your emotional and feeling state. Shift your focus.

I’ve learned many ways to make a vibrational shift quickly and effectively. Also how to troubleshoot what drags you down when you are flying high and a blip occurs.

Since the last Vibe Up To Line Event I held over two years ago, I have become really good at catching a dip into a low vibration, identifying what the trigger is, allowing the emotion to move through me and then Vibing Up to a new frequency. I trust those of you who participated in those Vibe Up Events have done the same.

It’s time to level up again.

Vibe Up to Line Up and end this year on a high note and enter into 2023 vibing with what you want to create.

Clear your funk, lull whatever you might feel yourself caught up in OR go from I’m vibing great to I’m vibing even higher!

Vibe Up To Line Up is a 21 Day On Line Event that starts November 1st.

There are seven modules of teaching and home assignments to help you to vibe up and maintain the vibe, catch any slips and turn them around.

The modules will be sent out via email.

Then as a group we will meet up on a private Telegram channel for questions, answers, celebrations, observation, troubleshooting and as guided receive videos of additional information.

I am hands on with my groups. Always available, except when I am sleeping.

Join me November 1st in the latest edition of Vibe Up To Line.

You can participate in the Foundational Vibe Up To Line Up 21 Days and if you wish, ADD ON a personal one on one session with me to troubleshoot blocks which are holding you back from making the gains you desire.

More Details and Sign Up here:

Vibe Up To Line Up To Your Wishes and Dreams. Feel Good About Yourself and Life.

If you have questions about the program email me.

For those who participated in past Vibe Up Events and are wondering if this is a repeat. I have loads of new information to offer and there may be some overlap. Feel free to contact me to know more.

Watch for videos and blogs to support this event on the lead up.

We have two weeks until November 1st. Mark you calendar and let’s do it!

Love, Esther

PS. You will notice that I have switched to a new payment processing system. Also for Canadian Clients you can pay via ebank transfer. Reach out to me and we will set it up.

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