What would it take for you to surrender and allow absolutely everything into your life with no judgment? That means you would let everything in and not deem it to be good or bad, it just is and you don’t fight it, resist it or moan about it. Total surrender.

Universe is taking me on a wild ride of surrender. Oh I have been through this before but this time we are hitting some very deep levels and during the experience I am being put into situations I have long repeated throughout my lifetime (perhaps lifetimes) and I am being asked, “This time will you completely surrender?”

Finally I am ready to answer, “Yes.” The last few days have been all about me sitting with the emotion, chaos, discomfort, the old pattern and being with it all. I am not bolting or soothing using food or drink. I am not busying myself with other things to get away from the issue and emotion of it. As my stomach wrenches and does flips I sit in a chair and remind myself that I am bigger this.

I know that if I allow the issue to be and not run away from it I then hold the power and that recurring pattern will fizzle and dissolve. I know that this time when I actually break the pattern and learn what I need to learn from it once and for all it won’t need to be repeated again. I know that the great big being of light that I am is capable of overcoming this earthly human situation.

As I allow the experience to be I remind myself as I surrender to it that the opposite of this is available to me but I can’t have it if I stay stuck in this pattern.

I surrender to the experience trusting in the moment, change and the unknown. Trusting in me and that Universe has my back.

let go

For some it may seem that surrendering to the situation means that I am accepting what is, that I am giving in even if I don’t like it. That certainly is one perspective and I have held that point of view over the years but now in more consciousness I know deeply that surrender is the pixie dust, the magic to unlocking the hold that this recurring pattern has on me. I know that life will be easier when I surrender and let go.

And so I sit here and feel the fear, the unease, the anxiousness in my throat and in my solar plexus. When my mind starts getting carried away with scenarios and old images, memories and limiting beliefs I tell it, ” Never you mind,” and I surrender using the spiritual tools in my tool box to assist in clearing it all away.

What do you need to surrender to in order to have more joy and ease in your life?

What recurring issue or pattern do you want to surrender to in order to experience the opposite in your life?

It’s 2013 a new energy, a new beginning, a new earth. Isn’t it time?

~Love, Esther


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