In the spiritual realm a walk-in is the concept of two souls agreeing on a subconscious level to switch places. One soul vacates its  physical body and is replaced by another soul usually coming from the universal realms. It can be temporary, but most often it is a permanent exchange and permission based.

What would prompt a walk-in exchange?

If a soul has has taken its life and physical  body as far as it can go and wants to transition to the afterlife a walk-in may be considered. This can be an opportunity for a soul ready to come into an earthly experience to jump into a body without having to go through the birthing stage and skip through some of the aging and growing process.

Sometimes a walk-in agreement is made when a soul chooses to transition before its work or purpose has been fulfilled. That purpose may be very important and therefore another soul agrees to come in, take over the physical body and fulfill the purpose.

The soul who leaves continues on with its journey and the soul who comes in begins to adjust to its new environment and physical body.

Often dramatic changes will happen within a person if a walk-in experience occurs.

Health can be restored quickly to sick body due to the high vibration of the incoming soul. A new zest for life can ensue. People will notice that something is very different about the person but can’t put their finger on it.

For the walk-in the transition can be very challenging. Getting used to a  new physical body that could be in any condition can be shocking. Dealing with the cellular memory, beliefs and  behaviors of the soul now departed also requires time to adjust to.

If a walk-in occurs it is most often during a dramatic situation like an accident, long illness or an operation. Dealing with the trauma can be difficult.

The new soul may also feel estranged from the people around them which can lead to emotional distress and sense of not belonging.

As interesting as it sounds, trading places with another soul, it is not something that souls take lightly.

The concept of a walk-in has been documented in books such as Strangers Amongst us by Ruth Montgomery. Movies like Heaven Can Wait have dabbled in the notion. And the popular cult tv series the X-Files alluded to walk-ins in several episodes.

So do strangers walk amongst us?

I’ve been observing a man by the name of Will Linville from Las Vegas who claims to be a walk-in. I even met him during a seminar in Toronto a couple of years back. Reading his story of walking in, and listening to him speak, I do get a sense that something very different is at play within this being. When he speaks he often makes grunting noises which I am told is the way he adjusts his frequency to the planet earth.

Will’s message to the people is positive and uplifting, certainly nothing to be afraid of. His mission on the planet it to help people understand who they are, evolve and move forward. Much like my own mission.

Is a walk-in real or just some spiritual metaphysical hooey?

I leave it to you to decide for yourself. I certainly believe that anything is possible and having met Will Linville I have stayed open to the concept.

~Love, Esther

PS. The Tribunal say that walk-ins do exist in very small numbers.


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