What have you made matter so much that if it didn’t matter everything would change? I ask myself this question all the time and each time I feel a flutter in my stomach and see an image come to mind of exactly what I have made matter too much.

Why do I put myself through such an experience?

What you focus on expands and what you make matter so much you may be creating a resistance or a constriction around. That energy locks you into your current position not allowing change to occur.

By making that issue, desire, problem, wish, situation not matter so much you create an ease, open a flow and this allows Universe to begin to bring to you the information, people, resources and opportunities that you need in order to create what you want.

Within your relationships what do you make matter so much that it is creating frustration, upset and perhaps disharmony?

With your body what do you make matter so much, focus on with such fierce dedication that you are actually blocking the change you desire? For instance you focus on your weight, pain, illness because you hold a belief that by focusing on it fiercely you will create the change or healing that you desire.

What if you made your weight, illness, pain not matter so much, what might be the possibility? When I ask myself that question  my body sighs  in relief and says, “Thank goodness.” I feel a release of pressure, an ease come over my body and intuitively I know that this release, this lack of pressure will actually help me create what I want.

Making something matter can be a limitation; a constricting energy. It is a closed fist stance with no room to receive blessings.

When you no longer make something matter you enter into an energy of surrender. In the energy of surrender you open yourself up to all possibilities.

Does surrendering and making something not matter mean giving up? Heck no. You can still want what you want just stop the fight, the pressure, the lock down in your energy field around that wish, situation, problem or desire.

Does making something not matter mean that you don’t focus on it, visualize it or hold it in your energy field for co-creation? Of course not.  By all means continue to want what you want just break free of the struggle, angst and pressure of it all. I admit this is fine line stuff but crossing that line from desire and intention to making something matter so much may be blocking you.

Here is another everyday example. I have this point of view that I love when people call me by my first name Esther. It feels personal to me and that feels good.

Recently  I ask someone who I have known for a few months if they knew what my name is.  You see in that time frame while we have chatted and collaborated they have never addressed me by my first name.  And it bugged me because I made it matter. It was starting to bug me so much that when I even thought of seeing or  speaking with this person I could feel an uptight energy come over me. Then I started to notice that I was a different energy when I was with this person because I was bugged that they never called me by my first name, all because I made it matter so much.  I knew I had a choice, continue to make it matter and risk dismantling our collaboration or surrender and let it go.  I chose to let it go and enjoy when others call me by my first name.

Now some of you may be shaking your heads in disbelief but see what happens when you make something matter?

What do you make matter so much in the area of money, relationships, health, career that if it didn’t matter everything would change?

Maybe it’s praise from your employer,  your children cleaning their rooms, husband buying you flowers or picking up towels and socks, having a certain amount of money in your bank account, owning that car, that dress, having a spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, you fill in the blank _____.

What are you making matter so much in your life that if it didn’t everything would change?

Release the beliefs, judgments and limitations holding that issue in place.

Begin to trust that you will be okay no matter what and that Universe is always working on your  behalf co-creating with you the desires of your heart. Surrender. You don’t have to give up, just stop the fight.

Oh by the way that person who doesn’t call me by my first name,  well turns out they do know my name and didn’t realize they never used it. This person thought my question was odd. Go figure 😛 I noticed they don’t call anyone by their first name, it’s their personal pattern. Once I expressed that I would enjoy a Esther reference every once in a while I let it go and our wonderful collaboration continues.

~Love, Esther

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