This is a fabulous question and I have asked it to myself and others many times over the years. It pops up frequently when you feel you have done everything you can think of to move  forward or resolve an issue and nothing seems to be working.  At this point you most likely plop yourself down in a chair, sigh and say to yourself, “What do I do now?”

When I have reached this point there are two courses that I take and I use my intuition and Universal guidance to help me decide which one.

1. There is a beautiful Bible verse that says: Be still and know I am God. Psalm 46:10. From my church days to my current days I still rest in this verse when I don’t know what to do next.

My interpretation of this verse is: relax and take a breath; stop working things out in your head and allow God/Universe to figure it out. Universe knows the desires of your heart and what you are wanting and working on. God can see the bigger picture and knows exactly what you need not only for today but also for tomorrow and the next day.

To me this verse means stop being so hard on yourself and go have some fun. It doesn’t mean giving up or throwing your hands up in defeat. It means take a breather, step aside and let God/Universe take over.

This course requires strong beliefs of trust in the Universe and the unknown; being okay with not being in control and knowing that all things work together for good. Stepping aside and letting Universe do its thing means surrendering to God and believing with all your heart, soul and mind that the Universe is conspiring on your behalf to bring you the people, resources and information you need even when you can’t  feel or see it.

Surrendering in this way requires deep faith and trust in all that is.

When I take this route I find that the pressure in my chest releases.

My highly charged emotional state neutralizes.

I am able to think more  clearly and joy begins to seep back into the situation and into my life.

Then in Divine timing the answers come and the next step is clearly laid out for me.

There is a second course that I sometimes opt to take and I’ll address that in my next post.

~Love, Esther


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