What are you waiting for that if you stopped waiting for it would open the door, allow the  winds of the Universe to blow through and usher in that very thing you are waiting for?

When we hold ourselves in a pattern of waiting we are caught up in an energy of putting off our dreams and desires. We create a lag time toward fulfillment and sometimes that lag time lingers on and on and on.

So what are you waiting for that if you stopped waiting for it would bring into your reality that very thing you are waiting for?

Play with me for a minute and pick one thing that you want to create in your life. Maybe it’s embarking on a trip of a lifetime, taking a class, writing a book, buying a home, releasing a person or situation, moving location, starting a business, asking for a promotion, beginning a fitness regime, making that phone call, more money or meeting a special someone.

Once you have picked your desire, silently on the inside of yourself ask: What am I waiting for that if I stopped waiting for it would bring into my reality this _______ that I desire.

Observe what happens. Often our minds will kick in with all kinds of answers. These answers are your blocks and limitations to creating what you want. Observe and make note of them. Do your inner work, clear and release. Then go underneath those mind thoughts. Ask yourself the question again: What am I waiting for that if I stopped waiting for it would bring into my experience that thing I am waiting for?

Now watch what happens. Note how your body responds, what feelings and emotions arise. Perhaps more words and thoughts emerge from your brain. Or does your Inner Being begin to whisper to you? Keep asking yourself this question allowing deeper levels of limitation to come forward for clearing. When you have a challenge letting something go do the inner work to unravel that web of density.

If you keep asking yourself this question Spirit/Universe will offer its perspective for your growth and learning. And once you clear all of the layers at hand the door will open, the winds of the Universe will blow through and that very thing you are waiting for will appear because you are no longer in the energy of waiting. You are now in the energy of receiving because you are in alignment with that thing you desire.


Most people when they ask themselves this question come up with: I am waiting to be ready. What does that mean specifically to you? Yes perhaps you may have a step or two to set into motion, do them and if you find yourself stalling there is a block at hand but sweetness you are ready. If you have a desire for something the time is now. Take the step and let Universe guide you along the way.

Are you waiting to lose 10 pound before you meet your special guy/girl? Are you waiting for everything to be “perfect” before you start your new venture? Are you waiting for the money to come in, the kids to be older, the right timing?

What if you never lose the 10 pounds, have all of your ducks lined up in a row, the money doesn’t show up, the right timing never appears, the perfect conditions don’t manifest? Then according to your mindset you will never allow that thing you desire to come in.

Here’s an example. Let’s say for as long as you can remember you have wanted to take trip to a destination that has captured your heart and attention. But you haven’t made the move to take this trip because you are waiting for things to slow down at work, extra money to come in, the kids to get older, your body to get into shape, a partner to experience the trip with,  a knowing that your elderly parents are going to be okay while you are gone. Look at all the roadblocks you have placed in the path of creating that desire. Until all of those blocks are knocked down the chances of you taking that trip of lifetime is slim to nil.

By asking yourself the question you begin to create awareness of what is holding you back. When you create awareness you have choice. You get to choose if you are going to do something about it and make change or not. If you choose to do nothing then the knowledge of those blocks will nag at you until you do and that’s not always a comfortable position to be in.

But oh sweet being when you clear the blocks, limitations, beliefs, thoughts and preconceived notions the energy which has you waiting dissolves, the door flings open and what you want enters into your experience  saying:  I’ve been waiting for you. What took you so long?

~Love, Esther

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