Take a minute and check in with yourself.

On a daily basis what do you nurture and pay attention to more, your ego mind which has you stuck, afraid to make a move, wants to keep you comfortable in the status quo, prevents you from believing in and trusting yourself and tells you every reason why you can’t do something…


Is it your True Self? That loving being, ball of energy inside of you that is Divine, pure love, encompasses all possibilities, energies and is limitless; the true you that knows you are beautiful and amazing, smart and capable, talented and deserving just as you are.


Now in my opinion the ego gets a bad rap. It does serve us well wanting to protect us and keep us comfortable. It helps us to find people and groups where we feel we belong. When it gets too strong it actually awakens us to consciousness and is the the catalyst for helping us to break free of limitations and move forward.

And yet there lies the problem. The ego limits us, keeps us down, stuck, spinning our wheels. The ego keeps us believing the lies we are told and prevents us from knowing who we truly be.

Can we ever eliminate the ego?

As a holistic psychotherapy who has worked in this realm for many years I don’t believe so. The ego will always be with us but we can soften it, lessen its control, push it into the background and maker it smaller. I have pushed my ego behind me so that I walk in front of it in conscious awareness and when it rears its head I wag my finger at it and tell it that that I am choosing consciousness and knowing who I truly be so take a backseat buster.

Ask yourself the question again, “Who am I nurturing, paying attention to, believing, trusting, my ego or my true self?”  Be honest and gentle with yourself sweet being.

Then decide isn’t it time to love and nurture your true self, that great big being of light that lives inside of  you, giving life and essence to your physical body? The being that encourages you, loves you, whispers sweetness in your ear all day and night?

Imagine what your life would like if you just made the switch from nurturing your ego to your true self.

 ~Love, Esther



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