The Seven Layers Of Your Aura


Are you aware that there are seven layers to your aura? They correspond to your seven main chakras.

Each layer holds an influence on your physical body and or your spiritual condition.

You may be doing inner work to heal your body, boost your love quotient, release limiting beliefs about Self, the World, what is possible.

You may be doing inner work to increase your attraction factor to draw to you prosperity, well being; amazing relationships.

You may be doing inner work to release shadow, spirit/entity attachments and destructive thinking.

And likely you are making progress, but what if the piece you are missing is held by your aura?

Have you checked in with your aura lately to see what is caught up in that energetic realm?

Your aura is an extension of you and also requires your attention, maintenance, love and nourishment.

Check out this information below, it’s interesting and may trigger an inner awareness leading towards change.

During the upcoming Clean and Repair Your Aura Energy Process we will work with each layer one by one and the corresponding chakra to cleanse, heal and optimize your aura. This information is important to know for our purposes.

1. The Etheric Layer

This is the layer closest to the physical body and is connected to the base chakra. Any, let’s call it debris, caught in this layer will affect your physical body, bones, organs, skin, blood, tissues, joints, immunity etc… What condition is your etheric layer in?

2. The Emotional Layer

This layer sits directly outside the etheric body and is connected to the sacral chakra. It holds and influences emotions and feelings. It is in a state of constant change according to your mood. It can be darkened when you are under stress and heavy emotions. If that is the case it will influence the first layer of the aura connected to the physical body and create stomach aches, digestive distress, heart palpitations, etc…  What are you holding in this layer of your aura?

3. The Mental Layer

This layer sits directly outside of the emotional body and is connected to the solar plexus chakra. It holds your mental thought processes and structures such as rules, regulations, judgement, ideas, logic, belief systems, intellect, conscious and subconscious mind. Mental health and mental health issues are presented in this aura layer. If you have physical issues around your head, neck and shoulders they may be connected to this energy band.

4. The Astral Layer

Is the bridge between the physical and spiritual plains and is connected to the heart chakra. This aura layer is weakened during people conflicts, unhealthy relationships, breakups; heartache. It is strengthened when you engage in loving, supportive relationships. It influences your sense of love, connections with people, community; your general sense of well being and life experience.

5. The Etheric Template

Connects with the throat chakra. It looks and acts like a blueprint for the physical body. If you have ever done any blueprint energy work with me or someone else this is the energetic level you are working with. Expressing Truth, knowing who you are, sound, vibration, frequency, creativity are all influenced by the condition of this aura layer.

6. The Celestial Layer

Here the spiritual connection begins. This layer is connected to the third eye brow chakra. Connection to the Divine. Ability to receive messages from your inner being, Higher Self, God Universe, angelic realm etc.

7. The Spiritual Layer

Connected to the crown chakra this layer of your aura protects all of the other layers. It vibrates at the highest frequency and is often gold in colour. It is the link to God / Source / Universe to All That Is. It is the link to your knowing and understanding of who you truly be as Soul Essence. When healthy and working optimally it will fire off your spiritual gifts talents and abilities.

So what condition is your aura in? Have you check in with it lately?

Is it possible that something caught up in your aura is having a negative affect on your physical and spiritual experiences?

Join me for the upcoming 🔥 Clean and Repair Your Aura Energy Process and we will:

-diagnose the current condition of your aura

-work with each energy band individually and the correlating chakra to release energetic debris and limitation

-optimize your aura

-and depending on its condition, get it back on line or take it to next level of health and illumination.


🔥 Clean and Repair Your Aura Jan 31, 2021 11 am eastern with replay.

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~ Love Esther

Esther Bartkiw is a holistic therapist and energy healer, spiritual mentor, retreat leader specializing in discovering, exploring and CHANGING limiting belief systems, behaviors and patternings. Helping YOU to live the life you desire.

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