Vibe Up To Line Up To Your Wishes and Dreams. Feel Good About Yourself and Life.

Your Vibration Is the Attraction Factor. It is your energy signature; your calling card. It attracts to you what is similar: people, situations, opportunities, outcomes, experiences which form and create the reality, the world you live in.

When you vibe high you move into alignment with your dreams, wishes, desires for tangible manifestation.

When you vibe high you move into alignment with True Self/Soul Essence and Source Energy.

When you vibe high you receive Divinely Inspired inspirations, ideas, thoughts, intuitive flashes and knowings.

Your vibration is determined by your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, actions, attitude, expectations… your energy.

To be a Conscious and Deliberate Manifestor….

To live a life of love, joy, fun, happy, success and well being, keep your vibration high.

VIBE UP TO LINE UP with the life you want to live and experience; make your wishes and dreams come true. Feel good about yourself and life.

Are you ready for a VIBE UP?

I invite you to join me and like minded people from around the world to VIBE UP, Raise Your Vibration and move into greater alignment with your wishes and dreams, your True Self, Source Energy; the life you want to live and experience.


November 1st to 21st, 2022.  21 Day Energy Event.

What Do You Want to Attract Into Your Life?

What Do You Want To Manifest?

What Magical Moments and Events do you want experience?

What Do You Want To Align With?

Do you know that every time you raise your vibration you move into greater alignment with your wishes, dreams and desires? Into greater alignment with your Soul Essence the spark of you that is Source Energy?

You rewire energetically, vibrationally and create a new version of You.

You Expand Into A Grander Version of Your True Self.

Do you want to enjoy healthy, loving, fulfilling relationships romantic, family, friendships, business and others? VIBE UP.

Do you want thriving health, look younger, have more money, manifest your wishes and dreams; be in the flow no matter what is happening around you? VIBE UP.

Do you want to heal your body? Release a physical, emotional or mental issue? Then you must raise your vibration and place your body in a more natural healthy state so it can be the miracle that it is and begin to self heal. VIBE UP.

Want more Love, Abundance, Peace, Joy, Creativity and Fun? VIBE UP.

How about a stronger connection with God/Source, your Higher Self, intuition, natural abilities; with your angels and spirit guides? VIBE UP.

I hear you saying Yes, Yes, Yes so the question is…

How do you raise your vibration?

For over 18 years I’ve been working as a holistic therapist and energy healer specializing in the quantum therapy of core belief engineering which involves discovering, exploring and transforming: beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions, looping memories and shouting voices, behaviors, perceptions, concepts of reality, sticky energies and past life overlays which sabotage and limit us in life. I help people every day face and release the core causes of their low vibration and help them to VIBE UP.

Over these years, I have learned that sometimes people don’t have the time or the inclination to do session work and wade through limiting beliefs.

Could there be an easier way to VIBE UP? A simpler way that is also fun?

Glad you asked because…

During the VIBE UP ENERGY EVENT I will teach you simple, easy and fun energy exercises, tools, techniques, home assignments and meditations to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and put you in alignment with the life you want to experience. Most of these home tasks will only take minutes a day and ALL are designed to help you VIBE UP.

The Vibe Up Energy Event will help you to create new behaviors and patterns. Establish new habits all supporting in you feeling good about yourself, open to all possibilities and consciously create that which you desire.

And I am going to keep you accountable and ask all group participants to do the same.

The Promise:

I Esther, plus our group participants, will keep you and each other accountable so that at the end of our time together you have VIBED UP to the next level perfect for you. If you follow through on the activities and assignments, ask your questions, commit to participating, by the end of our 21 days together you will be living life at a new level of vibration that will continue to expand. PLUS you will have a bag full of tools and processes to keep the Vibe Up momentum and mentality moving forward.

Changing You Changing The World

Because we are all connected energetically, as you VIBE UP you can’t help but positively affect the people in your immediate circle along with affecting your current situations. Because you are part of the World you can create positive change for the good of all. Glow your new vibration upon the world.

An Amazing And Welcomed Side Effect…

As you are engage in these effective energy exercises, limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, concepts of reality and past life overlays etc. begin to make themselves known. The “Light” of your high vibe flushes them out for acknowledgement and release.

Personal Note From Esther:

“Over the last 18+ years engaging in my own personal and spiritual development work, plus assisting thousands of people on their personal journey, I have discovered easy, simple and fun to do actions, energy exercises, strategies to raise your vibration quickly and EFFECTIVELY.

During the VIBE UP Energy Event I will share with you these strategies and exercises, keep you accountable in action, celebrate with you the outcome and take you on a journey of raising your vibration so that you can begin to draw into your life your wishes, dreams, desires and intentions +++ feel better. Feel better about yourself, life; the world around you.

Here’s How the VIBE UP Energy Event will unfold:

Program Details and Logistics:

  • The program begins November 1st and wraps up on the 21st; twenty-one days. There are seven modules each offering a teaching and home assignment of an energy exercise, process, meditation, action step etc designed to Raise Your Vibration.  The modules will be delivered via email.
  • The exercises are Effective, Fun, Simple and Easy to fit into your day. They will help you to create a vibrational shift plus trigger insights and new awarenesses.
  • Each assignment will build on the last helping you to shift what anchors you down in a lower vibration and VIBE UP.
  • Once you have the task complete I invite you to drop us a note on our Telegram group so we can all celebrate with you. The Telegram Group offers community support, a platform to ask me questions regarding the assignments and your experiences. PLUS a space for me to post videos of additional information and instruction as required. I am very hands on with my groups. YOU are my focus for these 21 days.
  • If you participated in past Vibe Up Events please note there will be some new information and exercises in this 2022 current edition including syncing up with the Rhythm of the Sun, the Source that powers you up. There will also be some overlap of info from past events. If you are a past participant and have questions about this new edition please reach out to me and ask.
  • *Special Bonus of a Vibrational Emotion Scale in PDF to help you to choose where you want to vibe up to next.

Our Playground will be:

  • A Private Telegram Group for sharing home assignments, what you have discovered, asking questions, receiving tips, inspiration, group support and interaction from your classmates and me Esther. Past participants have enjoyed the interactions and community immensely.
  • On Telegram I am able to post videos of further explanation, tips, suggestions and inspiration. I love teaching and uplifting through storytelling.
  • The group consciousness and energy of all of us raising our vibration together and participating on the group board will boost our vibration even higher.
  • To join the Telegram Group, all you need is a smartphone with the Telegram app Downloaded. I will send you the link to join in your Welcome Letter. You can also access Telegram on your desktop.
  • **For those who want a little extra personal time with me, I have a included a special offer for a one hour private session to address anything you want for change and an even bigger VIBE UP. The private session is Highly Suggested to address any sticky points and obstacles which pop up. Please note this is an additional purchase and only available to those participating in the 21 Day Vibe Up Event.

Sign Up Now and get ready to VIBE UP TO LINE UP and live the life you want and deserve. Wishes and Dreams Come True.

Vibe Up November Event – $97 US (Cnd residents are subject to tax)

$97.00 Add to cart

Please note Canadian Residents can purchase their ticket via ebank transfer. If you would like to opt for that method of payment email me at Ticket is for one person.

Terms and Conditions

For an even BIGGER VIBE UP Add On A Personal One on One Session With Esther 60 Mins

For Extra Personal Attention and a bigger vibrational boost, choose to add a Private One Hour Session to the event.

What is keeping your vibe from rising up? Is it a thought, belief, patterning, fear, looping thought or voice in your head, insecurity, self judgement; sabotaging behavior?

During the session we will address one issue of your choice for life altering change and expansion into more of your greatness. A VIBE UP. Choose one specific issue, belief or pattern for exploration, release and change. Session is held via Instant Teleseminar System accessible by web-call or telephone. Skype. Messenger or WhatsApp also available. It is the perfect add-on to a stellar program of transformation.

Add to your 21 Day Vibe Up Experience a 60 Minute Private Session With Esther. This is an additional purchase.

Special Pricing: $247 US (taxes if applicable)

Regular Pricing is a 3 session package for $997 US.

This is a fabulous opportunity to work with me personally at a special price.

$247.00 Add to cart

*Session To Be Complete By Dec 31st, 2022.

*Special Offer Pricing is only for those who participate in the VIBE UP Event and ends at start of program.

Now That You Have Signed Up Please Take A Moment And Make This Commitment To Yourself:

“I commit to participating in this program 100% knowing that what I put into anything is what I get out of it.

I am committed to Vibing Up with the intention to align energetically with the life I want to live.

I understand that my life may change as a result of the information, energy exercises, meditations, home assignments and personal development provided during this program.

I understand that while change can happen dramatically overnight often change comes in steps. It is my responsibility to follow the steps, listen to my inner guidance, trust the process and validate, validate, validate the changes.

I am ready to take responsibility for my life and the changes which occur.

I am ready to VIBE UP and stand in my power ready to receive.

I am in allowance of change and a VIBE UP.

I am the creator of my life.

Oh and I promise to celebrate even the smallest shifts and changes knowing that acknowledging each change subtle or big will snowball into greater and grander transformation.”

Here’s What People Said After The Last Vibe Up in December:

Session Work Testimonials:

“I want to express how happy I am that I said YES to your program and the 1:1 coaching. If I could capture all the AHA’s and inner and outer world improvements in my life which happened as a result, I would sum it all up as saying, “I love who I AM.” The change is that I truly Love who I am in this moment now. I am now excited to continue writing the pages and chapters of my life from this new place. ~ Ontario, Canada

“Esther helped me open up a deep subconscious belief that was sabotaging my career my whole life. It was the door that opened me up to release and let go of other self-sabotaging beliefs. Since then I became a finalist at an International singing competition in Vienna and was also called back by Nickelodeon to reappear on a popular animation series. Esther’s sessions are very in depth and full of integrity. ~ Kana Koinuma

“The three sessions I had with Esther helped clear some intense energy I had around being alone and other issues. Now I am a lot less nervous in general and braver, comfortable with going out and being with people. I have discovered a new and rich sense of dignity for myself. I feel more like I might be able to accomplish what I’m dreaming of. I am living with more ease. Thank you Esther your work is profound. Our work changed my life and I am grateful. ~ Lisa

Esther Bartkiw                                                                                                                                   

Hello I’m Esther Bartkiw your host, facilitator, spiritual mentor coach and accountability partner for the VIBE UP Event. Over the past 18 years I have been helping people breathe life back into their faded dreams; create their goals and wildest wishes. It would be Big Pleasure to help you too. We start by Raising Your Vibration. Join Me and people around the globe for another incredible effective, life changing event.

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