Venus Retrograde in Leo, disappears from the sky this week (August 14 – 20 ish), as it moves from night Venus to morning Venus.

The planet disappears from our view because it is travelling close to the sun and the brightness of the sun prevents us from seeing it.

When a planet is not visible to us on earth, the ‘darkness’ can trigger an energy of chaos and turmoil in the areas of life it influences.

Or we experience a void, ie nothingness, stagnation in those areas.

When a planet is visible to us on earth, we feel ALL of its influences. And when we can see the planet with our naked eye, and it is in close proximity to the earth, the energetic effects are doubly impactful.

This week, Venus Retrograde in Leo is invisible to us. There will likely be chaos or nothingness in it’s domain: love, relationships, finances, values, art, culture, passion; beauty. Personally and on the world scene. Tip: I wouldn’t do any major cosmetic or beauty treatments this week. Save them for when Venus turns direct again.

By the weekend, Venus will start to show herself again and there will be a smoothing out of sorts, although Venus will still be in retrograde until September 3rd.

Venus will be brightest in our sky on September 19th, 2023. Make a wish.

Watch for Universal and Venusian signs, clues and personal messages.

Love, Esther

PS> I am seriously considering bringing back more frequent and detailed energy updates. People have been asking. Keep in mind I am not an astrology. I don’t do charts, but I am excellent energy reader and decipher of what is happening in the cosmos. I have been doing energy updates for years using astrology as one tool (14 yrs) and people appreciate them.

Is this something you would be interested in? How do you feel compensation should be made? Private group with month entrance? Monthly donation? One time payment for a certain period of time? Set up on telegram or updates sent out to the group via email? Let me know your thoughts.

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