Hello beautiful, talented and amazing Being of Light,
The Great Depression, invention of the Atomic Bomb, the rise of Hitler and the 1960’s Revolution all happened during a Uranus Pluto Square planetary alignment.

Pluto is the planet of Transformation.
Uranus the planet of Revolution.
When they square off in the sky old structures crumble, shake ups occur and goals, relationships, life, everything undergoes a revoluntionary process. Sudden and unexpected change happens. Think the Arab uprising, spring 2011, a lead up to the current Uranus Pluto Square patterning.
This energy pushes each of us and the world to transform dramatically. Clearing patriarchal strongholds, the web of the 3D Matrix and releasing the grip of density.
Uranus Pluto Square is a rare celestial event and when it happens it is important to take notice.
On December 15th just past midnight Est, we will be experiencing the 6th of 7 Uranus Pluto Squares which started in the spring of 2012 and ends March 2015. Note that this current round of Uranus Pluto Squares is happening as we undergo The Shift and move into the early years of the Golden Age on Earth. These squares are liberating us and setting us up for success.
The energy of this lastest square started to ramp up at the end of November and we are in the thick of the transmission now which will peak on the 15th and then carry through to the March event.
During this upcoming week you may experience A Ha’s and Whoa’s regarding what has transpired in your life since 2012. You are a completely different person living on a different planet.
Victim consciousness is being dredged up from the deepest recesses of our mind for release as there is no place for victim energy in the 5th Dimension.
Awarenesses are revealing where you are holding yourself back. Where are you self sabatoguing yourself, life, your desires? Perhaps even other people?
For those who have been embracing change since 12-12-12 and flowing with it, the energy will be a bit more gentle on you clearing out cobwebs of limitation and getting you ready for the rebuilding phase of March 2015 and beyond.
For those who have been slow to awaken or are fighting against change and more consciousness this upcoming square could be a doozey.
The 6th of  7 Uranus Pluto Squares is associated with the sixth chakra the brow chakra. Issues of spirituality, connectivity above and below are highlighted. You may find your intuition bursts wide open or you may receive a download of insight and universal wisdom.
December 15th Uranus Pluto Square is also connected with anchoring Goddess energy into the planetary grid more deeply thus creating harmony, balance and a beautiful weave of masculine and feminine energy.
This is the time to release everything that is worn out, out-dated and holding you back.
It is the time to tap more deeply into your Divine Self, Soul Signature, Soul Truth and Essence.
Allow yourself to be guided by the Light and the wisdom of your Higher Self.
See why I am so excited about 2015? When the last square occurs in March and we start the rebuilding phase of our lives and the planet as a whole it is going to spectacular.
Does that mean everything is going to be smooth and easy, yummy like strawberries and champagne?
No life will still have its ups and downs, challenges and situations.
But those of us, the Way Showers, Star Seeds, Beacons of Light, Gate Keepers and Guardians upon the planet we will be able to blaze a trail of Consciousness and Ascension like never before.
These two years 2013, 2014 were just a warm up for what it to come.
More love, abundance, harmony, peace and joy.
Each of us will experience these energies to the degree we are ready and open to receive. To the perfect match of our vibration.
Many of us have been living on the planet for decades waiting for a breakthrough and while we have been experiencing breakthroughs throughout our life-time the possibility exists for the dam of density to break free exponentially in 2015-2017.
And that is why my Guidance, the Beings of Light directed me to hold the

2015 Kick Off  To Success Vortex Activation on January 8th.

To set you up energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically to experience the biggest frequency bump up you are ready to receive and make the most of this time on planet Earth.

We are forging new ground. We are entering new territory. We set our intentions and set forth knowing each step we take is ground breaking for ourselves and those who come behind us in our energetic wake.

As Way Shower, a Being of Light on a Journey of Consciousness consider joining me via Webinar on January 8th for this Amazing Vortex Activation packed with Star-Gate work to set you up for success and beam the Light out to the planet.

Are you in?

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Come play in the energies with us!

~Love, Esther

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