On May 15th the day of the New Moon in Taurus, the planet Uranus leaves the sign of Aries where it has been since 2011 and moves into Taurus for the next seven years. Uranus is the planet of shock, awe, surprise, chaos, upheaval, innovation, new thought, the unexpected, out of the blue situations, deep meaningful change, revolutionary change, and this shift is a Big Deal. The world at large and each of us individually will experience a seven year cycle of major change in the areas ruled by Taurus.

When a planet shifts signs for a long haul and especially a slow moving outer planet like Uranus we feel it. I anticipate that this week as Uranus changes signs we will see major events unfolding on Earth.  It’s that fast start out of the gate effect. Because Taurus is an earth sign watch for unusual or severe weather patterns or other earth related news. Major announcements by companies, countries; governments.  In our personal lives many may experience an instant radical shift as Uranus settles in for the long haul.  While results of Uranus in Taurus may not be apparent instantly  for everyone, they will unfold over the next seven years.

Let’s break it down and back up a bit to start.

Uranus has been transiting through the sign of Aries since 2011. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and offers us enterprising, new, courageous, active, high energy, daring, adventurous; optimistic vibrations. This was a fabulous energy for stimulating changes in the business world, and pushed many people to leave their 9 to 5 jobs and become entrepreneurs.

Uranus in Aries also influenced a great awakening in the world especially from late 2012 and onward to now.  We as individuals and as collective have experience rapid awakening in knowing who we are, our True Selves, what is possible, that we create our life experience. We have and are waking up to the awareness that we are Love, Light; Divine. Uranus in Aries has also awakened us to the corruption, evil, greed, deception; manipulation in the world.

For many people big life challenges presented over the last seven years. If you reflect back on that span likely there was at least one and probably several  big life changes on your journey. Some you made by choice others thrust upon you. An uprooting. Perhaps end of a marriage. Complete job/career change. A move across the country, across the world or in landscape from city to country. As I mentioned in particular businesses experienced major change. Look at what has shown up for Face Book and Twitter over the last months. The exposure of data collecting, censorship and spying on their users. Companies are having to shift to meet consumer demands rather then give us what they want to according to their agenda. Four years ago I closed up shop on my office, shifted to an on line spiritual business practice and three years ago hit the road to live as nomad. I discover the Bosnian Pyramids and their energies which changed my life. Whatever it was that transpired for you  it definitely stimulated an even greater awakening to more consciousness.

While the Uranus Aries cycle ends, our awakening continues for we are forever in expansion.

And now Uranus moves into the second sign of the zodiac Taurus where it will be until November,  when it slides back into Aries until March 2019 and then back into Taurus until April 2026. Lots of time to make significant impact.  The last time Uranus transited through Taurus was 1934 to 1942.

As I stated at the start, this  cosmic alignment will affect each person differently but there are some general themes which are applicable to all.

Taurus is a grounded and stable energy. It’s time now to take all you have learned over the last seven years during this massive awakening  and ground in your truth, knowing and new energies. Take your ideas and inspirations which surfaced over the last years and set them into motion. Funnel all of the wisdom you have gleaned into action. Creating that which you desire in tangible form in your life. Think beyond the desire of life partner, more money, new job etc.. What do you want to see happen on the world scene? How do you want to affect humanity, the animal and nature kingdoms? What is your role of service? Perhaps you have been in service for many years and now is the time to shift the focus or beef up what you are all ready doing. Take on a cause. Volunteer. Research to innovate a product or service that the world needs now according to the current climate of global affairs.

Taurus craves security. Watch for more security issues to present on the world scene. Border security. Cyber security. Security of our food and water supply. Uranus will assist in creating radical change in all of these areas.

Taurus energy is practical, reliable, stable, efficient, ambitious, sensual, with a focus on core values and finances, material goods and luxury.  These are some of the areas Uranus will work with each of us and the collective by means of sudden and unexpected change and developments. From OH WOW to oh oh. Those oh oh times while uncomfortable are needed to flush out limitation held within and realign you to a higher vibration so that the manifestation of your desires and intentions form into reality.

Let’s talk money and finances as they are a Taurean trait. Humanity has been oppressed financially for centuries with just a few people making the most money. This Uranus cycle may create rebellion in the financial world and in money dealings. The reset or restructuring of the financial system and what money is and how we use it may come during this period. And personally your own financial picture may be restructured. How you earn your money. The importance of money to you. How you spend money. Follow the guidance; the clues.

Taurus is an earth sign so changes in nature the animal and mineral kingdoms may present. Watch. Be aware. Perhaps new technology shifting how we grow our food will present. I believe we already have this technology but it’s been suppressed from us.

What I am receiving is that our core values as individuals, families, communities, countries, the world at large will be challenged and challenged is a mild word. What is really important to you? What do you value? Where have you moved out of alignment with your core values? What is it going to take to get you back on track with those values? Uranus is ready to show you. Morals and ethics will also come into play and we will see this play out significantly on the world scene.

Big breakthroughs and innovations are highly likely. Wouldn’t it be nice if this is the cycle that we gain access to technology already developed and available only to the elites in the area of healthcare and what about free energy? I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t add in here that 5G technology is NOT to our benefit. These frequencies are being set up to support the agenda of the elite powers to depopulate the world. One of many tactics they use which we are waking up to and taking a stand against. 5G will cause our bodies to breakdown and liquefy on the inside.  Alter our DNA and not in the way the cosmic energies alter us. Endangering humanity and the animal kingdom. Please don’t take my word for it alone. Do the research you will be shocked at what you find. Perhaps that will be your new cause? To create awareness around 5G and collapse that possibility.

Freedom is another key word that comes to me in regards to this seven year transit. During this cycle we will be moving to greater experience of freedom. We are already free, but we have been brainwashed, mind controlled and ruled in such a way that we forgot we are free. Forgot we are Divine Beings of Light. But oh we are waking up and remembering.

You are your own authority.

You are sovereign.

No one has control over you unless you give them  control and Uranus in Taurus will assist in claiming your freedom, experiencing freedom, the freedom you already are.

If you are a Taurus or have close relation to one you know they can be stubborn to a fault. Another piece I am receiving to pass on is that during these seven years Uranus is going to push us in those areas where we have been stubborn to see truth, make change, be open to another perspective, make a new choice even when all the facts line up and there is  good reason to make change. The more stubborn you are the harder Uranus will push.

That means Uranus moving through stubborn Taurus will be pushing each of us individually, collectively and globally to make positive change whether we like it or not. Ascension is for all and even if you are stubborn Universe is  going to pull out all stops to help you awaken. And yes you always have choice whether to heed the call or not.

Unexpected shifts and changes are part of the life experience and will be heightened over the next seven years. Take note of what your life is like now, what is happening in the world because at the end of this next cycle everything will change once again.

I always get excited when we start a new significant cosmic cycle and Uranus, an outer planet that holds much power, the planet of shock, awe, surprise, sudden and revolutionary change, moving to a new placement in the sky has me wide eyed and ready. What are you going to create with this amazing energy?

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~Love, Esther 

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