Transitioning From Earth To Heaven ~ Be The Architect Of Your Ideal Death Experience

What if you could plan and design your death from this physical experience, exactly how you want it to be? How would you design your transition from Earth?

Surrounded by loved ones?
A sunrise or sunset?
Are you at the beach, the mountains, at home sitting on your favourite chair?
Perhaps drifting away in your sleep…

Just like everything else in your life you can consciously design and create your death and dying experience your way.

No more fearing a death of pain, illness, suffering or terror.
No more images of dying alone or broke and out on the streets.
Be the Michelangelo of your life and death process rather then live and die by default.
I know it sounds weird and strange that we are even talking about this subject but Oh the peace of mind Death by Design creates changes your life experience.

Personal Note From Esther:

“I understand that speaking about death, being the architect of our death, considering doing a process about death is unusual. I am unaware of anyone who addresses this issue specifically, helping one to design their own death. Here’s why it is important for me to share with you this class opportunity:

Back in 2007 I took myself through a process to face my fears of dying.
Death by drowning, suffocating, plane crash, being all alone, broke and homeless.
I faced my fears of being shot, stabbed, beaten up; assaulted. Fears I inherited from movies, TV shows, news reports and other people.
During the process I realized that even though I knew I am eternal, I was still holding beliefs of: Is this all there is? We get one shot at life. What if there is no more? What if I am not good enough to make it into heaven? Beliefs absorbed from other people, religions, school and institutions.
I dug up, faced and let go of all of those limitations and cleared emotional charges from memories of death during past life times which also contributed to my fears.
And I created my ideal death~dying transition scenario. I refined it until I went Oh Yes and imprinted that scenario and feeling of peace on my mind ,body and energy field.
And Truth — I haven’t given my death much thought since then. Liberation.

Recently I have been encountering and working with a number of people who are struggling with with their own mortality. A fear of death and dying rising up from within. Mostly triggered by aging, health issues and observing loved ones go through the transition process.

Have you ever watched someone you love die in suffering or tragically and say to yourself, “I never want that to happen to me?”
It doesn’t have to. Like everything else in your life you can create your ideal Death, earth to back to Source transition exactly as you want it to be.

It’s easy. And I would be honoured to guide you through the process.”

~Love, Esther

Do you fear death and the unknown?
Do you embrace death but fear how you will die?
When you think of your death do you conguer up images and feelings of pain, suffering, hurt; terror?
Do you fear dying alone?
Dying broke and living on the street?
When you think of dying do you imagine your body in the Earth being eaten by worms, an image that makes you shutter?
Do you picture yourself in a hospital or in a bed incapacitated and hooked up to tubes and machines?
Do you fear dying and leaving loved ones behind?

If you said YES to any of the above statements, perhaps adding some extra statements of your own, this class and energy process: Transitioning From Earth To Heaven ~ Be The Architect of Your Ideal Leaving Earth ~ Death Experience is for you.

We have lost the ability to die ~ transition with grace and ease, by our design according to our decisions and choices.

Fears, worries, concerns cloud our death experience which is simply meant to be a transition from one state to another. From one dimension to another.
One energy form to another.

We have forgotten we are eternal; everlasting.
We have forgotten we are energy and energy cannot be destroyed.
And if we have remembered who we truly be, outside influence such as, this is all there is, there ain’t no more has embedded into our subconscious mind playing out a doom and gloom scenario flowing on the undercurrent of our mind.

Beliefs of death and dying we have taken on from religions and or organizations have us in fear; questioning.
Did you grow up being taught about being caught up in limbo not on earth nor accepted into heaven? And if you hold the limbo belief do you ever really know if you will make it out of limbo?

All of this outside influence +++ has caused us to forget how to leave the body by Design on our terms…

“I am sitting on a comfortable soft chair at the beach. The sun is setting. A beautiful display of red, orange and pink colours paint the sky. I hear the sound of gentle waves lapping the shore. A seagull calls in the distance. It’s still warm I have a soft light blanket wrapped around my body. The scent of sea air fills my nose. I wiggle my toes and bare feet into the soft sand. There is a smile on my face for I am ready. I have made a choice and it is time to go. I am ready. Good-byes have been said to my loved ones. Preparations for a joyous life celebration have been made and I am ready to return back to Source. It’s been another amazing life experience. I feel grateful for time on earth. More then satisfied I close my eyes. Still smiling and take my last breathe… and so it is.”

The above is how I have designed my earth transition. What will yours look like? Be like?

It’s time to remember how to leave the body with grace, dignity and ease and create ~ design your transition just as you create and design everything else in your life.

There are many illusions we have believed in and one of them is that we get old and die, sick and die, lose interest and die. Die alone, die in fear, die by disease, die in suffering; fearing the unknown.

Remember everything is by choice, we create everything in our life by choice. Conscious choice or unconscious.

You get to choose.

Do this spiritual process once.
Take the time to create your ideal death scenario and then live your life.
Just live your life.


Let me express my deepest gratitude for this program Design and Create Your Ideal Transition. This was the best ever gift that I gave to myself in this lifetime yet! I felt so depressed and unhappy for so long, and felt relieved and happy at the end of the class. The process you led us through not only gave me sense of peace about my transition, but also about my life between now and then. It gave me more than a hope, it gave me a vision of the experience of a happy and purposeful life from now on. ~Adelaide
I have to be honest I dreaded dieing. Even though I know I am eternal and I continue on in Spirit, I dreaded dieing. Fear of terror. Fear of dying sick and alone. Fear of dying broke. Fear of dying in some tragic way and feeling the fear of the fear. ALL of that is gone. Not only did I design my death the way I want it to be, I released so much during this class, at this point I can’t even comprehend how much. Thank you. Most people wouldn’t approach this subject. I am glad you did. ~Anne

How Will My Life Change By Participating In This Class?

This energy and creation process will give you peace of mind regarding your transition. Peace of mind which will permeate your life allowing you to LIVE your Life fully rather then worrying about death and dying.

Step by step I will guide you as you design your idea death scenario and imprint it in your mind, body and energy field for creation.

Release worry, fear, panic, recurring thoughts, worst case scenarios and other concerns about dying.

Get comfortable with transitioning from Earth to what we call Heaven; back to Source.

Remember how to die with grace, ease and dignity.

Empower yourself as Creator Being.

Be a source of inspiration to others who may also fear death.

Accept and love yourself at all ages, stages and phases of your life.

Become more confident in living.

Experience Freedom from fear of death and dying.

Freedom leads to expansion, liberation, living life fully!

Experience an inner shift that pulses from the inside out changing your whole outlook of life and your life experience.

Return to Joy! Return to the Love that you are!

Okay Esther I get it! I want it! Let’s Do It, Create My Transition Experience My Way On My Terms!

How Will The Class Unfold?

Step by step I will guide you through a process to face and address known and hidden fears, worries and concerns about death, releasing them from your mind, body and energy field.

Clear beliefs and programs and concepts of death and dying you have inherited from others.

Transmute emotional charged memories of death and dying.

Let go of death trauma, scenarios and experiences, from past lives.

Specific Issues and Topics Addressed include but are not limited to:

  • Fear of not living your best life.
  • Fear of suffering, pain, being incapacitated or dying of some horrible disease.
  • Worry that you will leave when you are not ready wanting to accomplish more.
  • Fear of having failed your children or another family member.
  • Fear of being in a coffin, at a funeral home, cremation; in the ground.
  • Scared that you won’t see your loved ones again.
  • Fear of dying all alone.
  • Fear that your body is just going to quit one day and that’s that.
  • Afraid to LIVE fearing something will happen and kill you suddenly like a plane crash, travel disaster, disease, earthquake, hurricane, terror attack; a person on the street.

Remember that dying is just part of the process of being an eternal being. There is no death as in death no more. It’s more Here I am one second and there I am another.

I will guide to as you Design your death and transition to be a beautiful experience capping another amazing life on Earth.

Imprint that design into your mind, body and energy field for creation.

And a long the way, release other issues, energies, memories, people, thoughts, concepts of reality getting in the way of you transitioning with grace, ease and dignity.

This process is different, unconventional, unheard of and yet very much needed by most.

Let’s do it and not give our death and transition from this life experience a second thought until we are ready and it is time and our creation to unfold as designed.

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2 Hour High Energy Process

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I created my last minutes to be one of peace with angels all around me. I see my Spirit glowing, vibrating, expanding and leaving my body. I am at peace. All is well. It’s been a good life. And everyone I love has been well taken care of. Thank you Esther for this amazing process. ~Keri
When I first heard about this process I thought why would I want to work on my death? Then it all made sense to me. I can create anything including how I want to leave this life. I didn’t think I had any fears but during the process fears from past lives surfaced. I am glad you addressed that issue and helped us to release past life carry over. My transition has now been designed and the creation unfolds when I am ready. ~Joyce

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Over the past 14 years, Esther Bartkiw has been a Beacon of Light and Guide to those on a Conscious Journey of Ascension. She is a Facilitator of deeply transformative Spiritual and Energy Processes, Holistic Therapist, Retreat Leader, Channel, Intuitive; Healer. Always reminding us that we are Love and Light while inspiring us to live life as the Divine Beings we are. Her Energy Updates on FaceBook are a daily must read for many people.

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