Change is happening at an accelerated rate inside of ourselves and all around us.

As a result it is important to ground yourself; stabilize your spirit in your physical body and your body on the earth.

It’s challenging at times to keep up with the shifts and transformations at hand.

As I work with my private clients I am noticing  that  many people’s spirits are not in their body.

The spirit energy is floating outside the body, hanging out in the mental plane or coming and going like air traffic at a big city airport.

While our spirit does leave the body especially during our sleep state for astral travel and universal schooling,  it is important during the remainder of our hours to be fully present and grounded in our physical body.


It is why we came here to this planet. We came as spirits to live life in a physical body. To use our body as a vessel to taste, touch and smell. To be able as spirits to experience, love, feel and enjoy. We came to have a physical experience in order to learn, grow and free ourselves from limitation and the past once and for all.

Sweet being, you wanted to have a physical  experience and life on planet earth and yet many of you escape your body every chance you get.

Here are some tips to help you stay grounded and experience what you came for.

  • Ground yourself first thing in the morning it only takes 10 seconds
  • Check in with yourself during the day to make sure you still grounded
  • When you feel or sense your spirit leaving  the body notice what is triggering the evacuation. There may be some inner work to be done. Fear and an unwillingness to feel are  big triggers for leaving the body.
  • Pull your spirit back into your body.  I like to have it sitting deep into my hips. That feels right and comfortable for me and grounding. My hips become like a chair or a bowl for my spirit being to sit or ground into.
  • Walk barefoot, it is fabulous for grounding
  • In fact any connection with the ground walking, lying down, sitting, spending time is nature is very grounding
  • Many people find exercise grounding.
  • Drinking fresh, pure water will ground you.
  • As will eating fresh, healthy foods
  • Take a salt water bath
  • Carry a crystal
  • And touch is grounding. Get a massage. Hug someone. Wrap your arms around yourself.

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While there are many visualization techniques and exercises which will assist you in grounding yourself here is one I have been using every day for the past several months.

Place your feet on the ground or floor.

At the bottom of our feet we have chakras; command them to open.

Imagine your feet on Mother Earth the New 5D Earth and those chakras are like clamps locking down on the earth.

I like to imagine that my chakras are locking down on the earth’s crystalline grid.

Once locked in I feel solid in myself and completely connected;  being, body and earth.

We are living in fast moving, incredible times of change and transformation.

When you feel wobbly, overwhelmed or just not yourself check  and make sure you are grounded.

Remind yourself  that you are a spiritual being wanting and desiring of a physical experience and in order to have the fullness of that experience it is important to be in your body.

If you have any additional grounding tips or suggestions for please post them below. We are here to help and serve one another.

~Love, Esther

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* image by Erna de Vries with permission


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