You are right smack in the middle of  piece of dense energy rising to the surface and it doesn’t feel very good. You feel the fear, worry, heartache and pain. Heck you might even feel a little nauseous.  Here are some tips to get through the discomfort.

  • Allow the energy to come up. It’s coming up for a reason. It’s ready to be dealt with and let go. Don’t push it back down it will only surface again and probably at an inopportune time.
  • Breathe deeply.  Inhale Divine Light and Love and exhale the old energy. Keep breathing it helps I promise.
  • Allow yourself to experience what is coming up. You might cry, get angry, recall a memory or feel the cringe. Whatever your physical response it has been locked in your body all of this time. Feel it and let it go. You’ll feel better like after a good belch.
  • Proclaim to the energy: Out now Out now this is not your home I am taking back my mind and my body. This simple command is powerful.
  • Drink water. You need water to flush out the toxicity of the energy and keep you flowing forward.      1117007_pebble_balance
  • Do inner work. Sometimes an energy will come up and I know it is tugging at me for attention and I need to work on it before it releases. I will drop everything to do the inner work and let it go. If you are unable to go within at that very moment, then mentally make an appointment to do the inner work and stick to your promise. IE.. Fear I feel you coming up. I know you want my attention. When I get home tonight we will sit together and do it 7 pm sharp. Stick to your promise because the energy will remember if you forget and it might poke at you.
  • Ground yourself in the 5D New Earth Energy Grid. The strength of the New Earth frequency will help with stabilization.
  •  As you move through the experience acknowledge what you have done. Celebrate the shift and love yourself.

Well done sweet being of light!

~Love, Esther

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