There is something  incredibly magnificent happening right now in our world.  Can you feel it?

It is affecting every human being, our animal and plant kingdoms and the elementals.

A new consciousness is being birthed.

A new perspective and awareness is emerging.

The world that we have been yearning for, one full of love, peace, joy and abundance for everyone is coming forth.

It is an exciting time and I along with my spiritual friends (that’s you!) are looking forward to the creation of heaven on earth.

After all that is why we came to the planet at this specific time, to be here during The Shift from the third to the fifth dimension and release from ourselves the limitations we have been holding onto for lifetimes.

There is a rebirth happening right now which cannot be denied. You see it in world events and you feel and notice it within yourself.

Accompanying the rebirth are birthing pains. The earth experiences it. Our plants and animals feel it and I know many of you are as well.

Most often you are describing the pains as–all of your stuff coming to the surface at once. Feeling like everything you believe is an illusion. A sense of overwhelm. Uncertainty of who you are, where you fit in the world and what you want to do with your life.

Don’t worry this is all perfectly normal. You are on track, for in a re-birthing there must be a collapsing of the old.

I know it can be a painful at times but if  you stick with the process you will emerge victorious, all that you truly are–magnificent!

I believe that The Shift we speak about started in 2010 and is peaking this year into early 2013.

We are moving into new dimensions and higher levels of being and all  that we are not– our baggage, is coming up to the surface for examination and release.

Some people do this easily because they have been working on themselves, they are ready to let go and are consciously aware that they came to this lifetime to transform.

Others are being challenged by the process as they are awakening in the thick of things.

Sadly some people are still asleep, fighting The Shift, arguing for their limitations. These people who are refusing to look at and release their stuff are having huge challenges

Let me say it again–we came to the planet at this particular time to wake up to who we really are.

If you are reading this post I guarantee that  you are waking up.

You are realizing that you create your own reality. You are questioning your beliefs. You are wanting to create wholeness within, connect with Source and be your true self.

From my perspective this is awesome even if it is painful.

As you face your stuff you have to decide— Am I going to continue to hold onto that old, outdated, limiting garbage?— or Am I  going to create my reality on my terms with new beliefs, attitudes and perspectives chosen by me?

~Love, Esther


For information on how I help my clients discover, explore and changing their negative and limiting belief systems and paradigms please click here.


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