This morning my cells swelled with recollection. Memories and attachedments held deep within my cellular system sprang to life as I stood pumping gas into my car.

Earlier today I travelled to the neighboring city of Hamilton, Ontario for an errand. I was in a part of town I had never visited before and I stopped to get gas for my car at a station I also had never been to.

It was a beautiful fall day. The sun was shining and the temperture warm enough that I didn’t have to wear a jacket. As I stood at my car pumping the gas I closed my eyes and lifted my face to the warmth of the sky.

I heard the sound of a car wash business across the street. I heard the hum of the gas pump behind me. The scent of french fries from a local fast food eatery flooded my nose and the joyful laughter and shouts of university students filled my ears. Instantly cellular memories held within my body were triggered. Memories of days spent at the local fair.

The car wash reminded me of the noise of carnival rides that twirled, whirled and spun around. The hum of the gas pump sounded like the hum of chip wagons, fudge stands and cotton candy counters. The scent of the fries…well they smelted just like those yummy greasy fries you can only get a carnival.

In the distance the shouts of students on their way to class reminded me of the screams of delight and wonderment coming from myself and all the children attending the local fair.

I continued to close my eyes and breath in the sounds and the smells while cellular memories flooded the screen of my mind with pictures of days of old.

Those were great times and for a few minutes I had drifted back in time.

Suddenly there was a loud click. My consciousness was brought back into the present. The gas pump clicked off and once again I was standing by my car at a gas station I had never been to, in a part of the city unfamiliar to me. But as my Soul quickly reminded me, I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

~Love, Esther


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