Light Body, it’s a term often used by people seeking consciousness and higher levels of awareness. And yet to many the term is unfamiliar perhaps even odd. Some people have the idea that transitioning to your Light Body means you will disappear and vanish from the Earth and present as a glowing Light. While this is possible, as anything is possible, it is highly unlikely during this lifetime of ours. We live on a dimension of our Earth Plain that requires us to have a body to live, grow, experience and love.


So what is your Light Body and why are we spending so much time and effort to activate it?
Your Light Body is your energy body and your Energy Body is:
  • The Light inside of you.
  • Source Energy streaming through you.
  • Your Soul Essence filling your internal core like a river of LIGHT within; total embodiment.angelic-454477__180

When Your Light Body is Fully Activated and On:

  • Your Chakras are clean, clear, spinning and lit up. Activated.
  • Your Chakric Column hums with high vibrations 24/7.
  • Source Energy is flowing through you fully and powerfully without compression or restriction, in complete Oneness.

All of these components produce your Light Body.

How Do You Awaken Your Light Body?

  • Release and clear out limitations and density held in your mind and body.
  • That’s the limiting beliefs, decisions, behaviors, patternings and other people’s energy that have been keeping you in a low vibration disconnected from Source or just allowing in a trickle of Source Energy at best.
  • Fill yourself with the Divine Love and Light of Universe and keep the channel open through meditation, focus and choice.
  • Embody your Soul Signature, your Soul Essence fully and powerfully Returning You To You.

And Why Do You Want To Awaken and Live As Your Light Body?

It’s time to remember who you truly be. Live life on planet Earth fully remembering your magnificence; being the amazing Spirit and Creator Being that you are.

To help lift up the planet and all of humanity out of the mire of the 3D Matrix and move into the vibrations of peace, joy, love and abundance.

To free yourself, the planet and all that roams upon it from the darkness we have been living in for eons.

This is the lifetime for all of us to break free and remember who we really are as Spirit living in a physical body.

A spark of creation.

Birthed from Source Energy.

No more separation.

~Love, Esther

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