My soul is sending me much love and tenderness. It senses that I feel a little bit vulnerable today and that I am thinking too much into the future. It is encouraging me to stay present in the moment and to only focus on what is now, what is directly in front of me and what is being presented.

The love coming from my Soul, my Self is gentle and kind. It reminds me of the feeling I get when my niece sleeps over and just wants to hold my hand. It reminds me of how I feel when holding a kitten or a  puppy. It reminds of me of the warmth and comfort I get when I wrap a cashmere shawl around my shoulders and snuggle onto  my couch with a good movie and buttery popcorn.

The love coming from my Soul today, soothes my “parts” and tames my Rationalizer. It’s beautiful and I am grateful.

~Love, Esther~


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