Tonight The Tribunal offered an energy attunement and I Esther, distance energy healing, to anyone who wanted to participate in this free event. Forty-nine people from across North America and the UK chose to sign up for the energy session. The following is an overview of what took place .

At 6:50 pm EST The Tribunal instructed me to gather the names of all participants. I was told to burn some nag champa and play softly in the background an OM chant by the Dali Lama. Then I was encouraged to get clear on what Peace meant to me while getting comfortable for the 30 minute treatment.

At 7 pm Est The Tribunal  and I connected for the energy session. They asked me to read the name and location of each person on the list.

When that was complete we began sending out to each person the healing energy of Peace.

Twelve minutes into the process, The Tribunal said they were ready to begin with the attunements. I was asked to focus on each persons name and location. As each attunement was made, The Tribunal said to me, “It is complete.” This was my indicator to move onto the next name.

A couple of people did not provide their location. I trust the energy healing and attunement made it to them.

During the session one person wanted the energy healing but not the attunement. She was afraid. She didn’t understand what an attunement meant. The Tribunal told her that they would send some of their universal energy with the focus of Peace to blend into her energy field and attune it to a higher level of Peace. She tentatively agree. The Tribunal promised to withdraw it if she did not want it. Once the connection was made this person collapsed into a dreamy state of peace and bliss. (This was all carried out at the subconscious level.)

One person consciously wanted the attunement and healing desperately, however her subconscious held a shield around her preventing the energy from penetrating. As a holistic psychotherapist I knew this to be one or more of her PARTS sabatoguing her from a deeper experience. The Tribunal did the best that they could under the circumstances.

The children who participated played with the energy. I was shown pictures of them dancing with the energy as if the energy were soap bubbles or balloons.

Three people who did not sign up for the event walked into the process wondering why they hadn’t heard about it and joined in.

Once each individual attunement was complete, The Tribunal and I went back to blanketing each individual with the healing energy of Peace.

At 7:31 pm EST I was awakened from my meditative state and told, ” It is complete.”

I noticed that some of you were also meditating during this time and others simply forgot about the session. And that’s okay because the energy was still working on your behalf.

So what might you have noticed–or will notice?

During this time some of you might have felt a sense of peace, calm or tranquility come over your being. Some of you may have settled more deeply inside of yourself. Others may have noticed a rush of energy come in the crown of their head or gathering in the area of their heart chakra.

If you didn’t notice anything, that’s fine. It’s normal. When engaging in energy work everyone experiences something different. Many times while doing energy work I notice nothing, but I trust and believe that much is being done.

And so now this energy of peace lingers with you, integrating into your being, into your space. Over the next few days when you consciously notice that feeling of peace, give gratitude and it will grow stronger. If you don’t  notice anything at all, give gratitude and trust.

Please leave a comment below and tell us what you experienced.

~Love, Esther

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