Two weeks ago I was participating in the annual Burlington Women’s Show giving people mini readings and creating understanding about channeling. On my way out the door that morning, I grabbed my favorite pink cashmere sweater wrap to have just in case the venue was chilly.

At the end of a wonderfully tiring and fulfilling day, I reached for my sweater only to discover that my favourite pink sweater was nowhere to be found. Somewhere between home and my vendor booth it had gone missing.

By that time of the day most of the people in charge of the show had disappeared so I grabbed the arm of a random person passing by who looked somewhat official and asked her to direct me to lost and found. This lovely young lady helped me sort through boxes of found items and search the venue for my sweater. It was no where to be found.

I retraced my steps from my car to my booth to see if I had dropped the wrap but didn’t find it it. So I packed up my belongings and went home with a peace in my heart that it wasn’t the end of the world that I had lost my favourite sweater. I hoped whoever found it would love it as much as I did and I trusted that the universe would reunite me with my cuddly wrap if it was mean to be.

Over the next five days I checked in with the event location several times to see if the sweater was turned in and even posted a notice in my building just in case I had dropped it in the car park. Still no sweater.

A week later I received a phone call. It was from the random official looking girl I had nabbed to help me with lost and found. She said she had been away on holiday otherwise she would have called me sooner. She had good news, She had found my sweater. 

Apparently after helping  me conduct the mini search she walked out of  the venue and over to her car. Lying on the grass in front of her vehicle was a pink sweater. She thought to herself, “This must be the sweater that girl (me) was talking about.” She picked it up, remembered I was the person with the channeling booth and purposed to get it back to me as soon as possible.

I was excited, for while I had made peace that it was okay I might not get my sweater back, there was a hope in my heart it might be returned. And it was, by a random person I had cajoled into helping me with my search and who just happened to park right where I dropped it. Random occurrence or divine intervention?

Let me know your thoughts.

~love, Esther

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