It was the first of two plant medicine ceremonies in which I was participating in the Andes Mountains.

We had trekked two hours into the jungle to a secluded location only known to our Shaman Kucho. The vegetation was lush. The spot rustic and Machu Picchu Mountain towered overhead.

Before the daytime ceremony began, Kucho led us another 20 minutes deeper into the jungle to a Crystal Cave he discovered during his explorations. While we meditated with the crystals a huge black bumblebee buzzed around me. Never a fan of bees I tried to move away from it; swatting it with my hand but the bee persisted.

Kucho told me to leave the bee for it was a spirit that has come with a message.

We made our way back to the ceremony spot and began the proceedings. I had just drank my plant medicine and settled in for four hours of healing and ceremony whcn the bumblebee appeared again.

I wondered if it in fact was the same bee as up at the crystal cave and then quickly remembered the words of Kucho. I trusted that it was the same bee and that  a spirit had a message for me.

The bee buzzed around me while I sat still. I felt like it was checking me out from all angles. It always hovered about 10 Cm in front of my face. Never coming closer. At one point the bumblebee hung as if suspended in the air right in front of my eyes and stared at me. I stared right back into its eyes.

It was the most magnificent encounter I have ever had with a bumblebee and knew it was significant.

Many people in our group noticed the interaction and commented on it afterwards all agreeing that something important was at play.

Upon my return home I researched the meaning of a bumblebee as an animal totem.

I learned that if a bumblebee finds you– follow it for it is leading you to a new awakening. How appropriate.

The bumblebee is also a sign of good fortune, joy and harmony. It is a symbol of community, the sun, celebration and personal power.  A bumblebee is an animal of service; pollinator of plants.

I reflected on how I aim to be of service to mankind and a pollinator of new ideas, concepts and thoughts, change and transformation.

My encounter with this bumblebee was moving and full of strength. It reminded me that everything has meaning and that we are all –human, nature, animals and the elements– interconnected.

Love, Esther



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