Private Readings

Channeling sessions are conducted via Skype or by Telephone begin with a message of welcome from The Beings of Light and lead into a question and answer format with the participant. The session concludes with a closing comment from Esther’s Channeling Guides. Sessions are recorded on audio tape and sent to you via email as a download in a timely manner. (typically within 48 hours). The recordings are a courtesy. You are encouraged to take notes just in case the technology hits a bump.

Esther suggests you prepare a variety of questions ahead of time. While composing your questions ask yourself, “What do I need to seek answers about?” Ask your questions in order of importance with the most pressing issues at the top of the list. Any question may be asked including but not limited to finances, relationships, career, soul’s purpose, past lives, spirit guides, family, love and romance, education and inner blocks.

When asking about other people, The Beings of Light will give their perspective on the situation and will ask that person if they want to participate in the reading. If that person doesn’t not give subconscious consent, The Beings respect their privacy. If the person being asked about agrees to participate in the reading, they are welcomed into the conversation. 

If you ask health related questions, The Beings of  Light will give you a general assessment from their perspective. They do not diagnose and may suggest you contact your health practitioner. They will not tell you if you have a serious disease or health ailment or when you will transition from this life experience to the next. However they will scan your body and energy system to give you an overview of your health condition.

Any health information put forth is not intended to supersede or substitute that of a physician, mental healthcare professional or holistic practitioner. If you have a medical problem, see your physician or other licensed practitioner in your area.

If you are asking future oriented questions, please keep in mind that the future can change at anytime when you make a decision or change a belief. There are also people around us who affect our future. The Beings of Light will give you their perspective as to where you are now and trending, along with the probabilities of  what you are asking about. Remember any question that is important to you is important to The Beings of Light.

Be as specific as possible in your questioning, for the more specific you are, the more specific the information you receive will be. During the session if the message is not clear, ask for more information. It is also a good idea to have more questions prepared then you think you need. Often when The Beings of  Light answer a question it is the answer to several questions on your list.

Channeling sessions conducted by email communication also begin with a welcome message followed by the answers to the questions sent ahead of time by the client. These sessions are a recorded on audio tape and sent to you as a download in a timely manner. Recordings are a courtesy.


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