The best time to program our mind for what we want to create in our lives is when we are in a half awake, half asleep state.

When working with my therapy clients to establish new beliefs, I always suggest that they review their new beliefs right before lights out and again before their feet hit the floor in the morning.

Why? Because studies prove  that the last five minutes before you fall asleep and the first five minutes when you wake up in the morning are the 10 most important minutes of your day. It’s the best  time to program your brain so that you can create life the way you want on your terms. When you are in that half awake half asleep state your subconscious is ready to absorb whatever you tell it.

Let’s begin with the first five minutes of your morning.

You wake up either with an alarm, the rising sun or kids shouting for breakfast.

Now here is what I do and offer as a suggestion to you:

  • Make sure that your spirit and body are reconnected. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for our spirit to get settled back into the body after a night of astral travelling.
  • Next I  connect with the light of Source Energy and ask it to pour into me through the crown of my head filling my being  with its love and enhancing my connectivity with Universe.
  • In addition, I always like to make sure that my heart is flooded with the emotion and energy of joy.
  • Then I say out loud or silently to myself a few of the beliefs that I am wanting to hold more deeply in my mind. The belief I am currently working on owning is– I am enough.
  • Once that is complete I begin to mull over my day and I briefly touch on the various appointments and activities I have scheduled imaging the perfect outcome and infusing the energy of love and joy into each scenario.
  • The last step is that I give thanks to God for giving me the breath to enjoy another day on planet earth and ask that He prepare me for whatever may happen during the day that I am yet unaware of.

Only then do I bound out of bed.

This daily routine often takes less then five minutes and sets the tone for me, my day and how I will influence everyone I come into contact with.

The alternative is to wake up and instantly groan about the rain pelting against the window, think about  my afternoon meeting with a feeling of dread, grumble at the thought of hitting the gym, worry about paying a bill or the health of a loved one or focus on the annoying noise coming from outside.

If you start your day in this manner, with a focus on the negative, you are  setting yourself up for more of the same. Blech.

Here’s the best part, you get to choose how you want to create your day. You get to decide on what you want to focus on for those first five minutes of each morning.

Love, joy and perfect outcomes in gratitude? or

Noise, fear and limitations which you have bought into but aren’t really you.

Which will you choose?

~Love, Esther

Stay tuned for the next post on the five minutes before you fall asleep.


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