From 30 to 150 Thousand Dollar Income

After clearing the belief that more money means more work, I have increased my income from 30 thousand dollars a year to 150 thousand and I am thrilled. Thank you Esther. ~ Anne

Listened To The Money Activation And My Skype Pinged With More Work

Just wanted to drop you a line because I did the money activation process this afternoon. As we listened I was shocked by the vibrations I was feeling. My body was buzzing, spinning, shaking and I felt an incredible amount of light, energy and joy expanding from within me and out into the world. During the recording my Skype pinged with a message from a client saying he had more writing work for me, which made me smile. You are truly a gift. ~ S.J.E. Burlington, Ontario

I Live My Dream Life Of Travel With My Soul Mate Thanks To Working With Esther

Through many sessions with Esther over the years, my life has transformed. Esther helped me regain my self confidence which has led me to the life I had always dreamed of. I now spend my time traveling to incredible destinations, building my new healing business and spending time with my soul mate. Thank you Esther for helping me to live the dream. ~ M. Ontario

I Run A Successful Consult And Training Business And Have Found The Love Of My Life

Today I work as a full time senior professional in a field I absolutely adore and in a workplace surrounded by wonderful people. In addition, I run a successful consulting and training business and I have found the love of my life. This year we are expecting a beautiful addition to our growing family. Without Esther I don’t know that any of this would have been possible, simply because I didn’t believe it that it was. Working with Esther I have learned how to grow in awareness and transmute negative behaviors, replacing them with positive ones –effortlessly. By letting go of the old and outdated patterns, I was able to let go of the beliefs, people, situations and things which held me back from living my life to the fullest. ~ Marela K, Synergence Group Inc Canada

Alien Entity Removal

During my session with Esther we removed an alien energy from my body that was plaguing me for lifetimes. In the days after our session, the release continued and I have now let go of hundreds of entities that I was keeping safe from the alien in my body for hundreds of years. I was holding onto these entities in my body to control the alien energy. They affected me physically in my lungs, tailbone and leg. I continue to release these outside energies from a very deep place in my body. The healing is underway. I am freeing myself and getting ready to finally move into my heart. ~ Eric D.V. France

I Released 50 Pounds, Got Off My Anti-Depressants And Stopped Nightly Drinking

After my first session with Esther in May of 2013 I was able to get off prescription antidepressants and start a path of self healing. I gained the self confidence to make better decisions for my health, such as eating better foods, stopping a nightly alcohol intake and incorporating activity into my daily lifestyle. Esther helped me to transmute the belief that help or answers have to come from outside of my Self and instead empowered me to take charge of my healing. Esther helped me to commit to loving myself and I am so happy to report that I am now down 50 pounds (22 kg) from my weight at that first activation. ~ Jaqi, Hawaii

Esther Helped Me Find My True Passion

It’s time to remind you dear Esther that because of you my life has really been purely a magical transition. For without your sweet reading, I would be struggling and doing things that really I had known for a long time no longer resonated with me. During the reading it was suggested I switch my focus to working with children. The work with Children is flourishing and I feel younger, happier, more fulfilled and indeed lighter. The Children are reminding me that life really is easy and quite magical when your awareness is truly open and ready to receive. Thank YOU my dear, sweet Esther for daintily stepping into my life at just the right time and showing me the path. xoxoxo and LOVE Laurel. ~ Laurel, Burlington, Ontario


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Over the past 12 + years, Esther Bartkiw has been a Beacon of Light to those on a Conscious Journey of Ascension. Reminding us that we are Love and Light and inspiring us to live life as the Divine Beings we are. Opening the door to all possibilities and freedom to live the life of our dreams on our terms.

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I Am Beautiful And Perfect As I AM
When I saw my body from the perspective of my Higher Self I realized how beautiful and perfect I am. I feel the love now flowing through me. Thank you.

Lauren, Ontario

I Released My Anger
Working with you Esther has helped me to release my anger and I feel now I can open up to people for friendship and relationship.

Marcia, Calgary Alberta

In 7 Days I Found A Publisher
Thank you for the Miracle videos. I found a good self-publishing company and published my book for free with them in less than a week!

Daphne, Germany

New Job, Generous Salary, Signing Bonus!
I landed the job and a $10k signing bonus. This new job and generous salary can certainly be attributed to my work with Esther and shattering the illusions and limiting beliefs of money eluding me.

Gabriele, P NY

Shoulder Pain Gone!
I have had pain in my left shoulder for 4 years and it is completely gone. It was bad energy and Esther helped me released it.

Patricia Jones

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