Sob Your Heart Out, Crying Is Healing

I’m reading Suzanne Sommers’ latest book Knockout. I am a big fan of Suzanne’s and hold a belief system of life and health much as she does. This book is a Knockout and I give it a thumbs up. I was deeply stuck by a comment Dr. Stephen Sinatra made...


FAITH = Finding Answers In The Heart My soul did say I was to lead more from the heart. This acronym dropped into my lap yesterday and it was perfect timing. Thank you Universe. ~Love Esther~

Learning Patience, Flexibility and Compassion

Today my Soul taught me many lessons as my day was put on hold to help a friend. I was happy to help my friend; it wasn’t a troublesome request. In fact I was grateful for the opportunity to help him out because he so rarely asks for assistance. The challenge...

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