Do You Feel Universe Has Abandoned You?

Do You Feel Universe Has Abandoned You?

You are never separate from Universe, Source Energy even when you feel you are. Why? You were birthed from Source Energy. You are Source Energy. You will transition and return to Source Energy. Source Energy is in you. It’s you mixed in with all of your unique...

Universe Met My Needs Before I Even Knew I Had A Need

This morning I was standing in line at Starbuck’s waiting for my decaf Americano. I felt a blister developing on my left foot. (I am breaking in a gorgeous pair of Rudsak’s.) I looked down and right beside my left shoe was a bandaid. I bent over, picked it...


FAITH = Finding Answers In The Heart My soul did say I was to lead more from the heart. This acronym dropped into my lap yesterday and it was perfect timing. Thank you Universe. ~Love Esther~

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