March 21st Energy Update + My Perspective on Rockefeller: The Sun moved into Aries yesterday triggering new beginnings and Equinox Download. Today the Sun pairs up with Pluto the planet that rules transformation, rebirth, renewal; regeneration. This coupling fits beautifully with the theme of NEW, New Year, New Beginnings that douses us energetically through Equinox New Light and Waves of Ascension.

The effects of Pluto are often subtle and yet very powerful. Sun and Pluto together allow for great focus and concentration on whatever it is we are wanting to create. If you have been asking for a solution to a problem it may present today. Just be aware it may be a very subtle answer coming through a song lyric, greeting card, bumper sticker, child’s words etc….

Our personal power is boosted. We claim responsibility for our lives and are willing to lead the way for others. Creativity soars.

I know many of you received Divine Inspirations yesterday and under today’s energetics it is a good day to take steps of action as guided.

As I wrote in yesterday’s post Equinox presented very differently for me this time around. I deeply felt the feeling of renewal and a rising up within. I could see myself as seed bursting through the earth, reaching for the warmth and light of the Sun ready to blossom to the next level of my earthly experience. A surge of confidence in the process of Divine living a human experience came forth. Plans put on the shelf were dusted off and re-instigated. New plans were set into motion. And another Miracle, Dream come true unfolded.

Just minutes before I headed onto my Equinox Energy Transmission Call with a beautiful group of people, I heard word of David Rockefeller’s passing and a low and quiet Whoa escaped my mouth. Equinox is all about restoring balance, and Rockefeller one of the Illuminati either passed or was escorted off the planet. To me this signals a shift in the balance of power as the Illuminati continues to crumble and lose its grip which has been faltering in recent years.

While in Oneness I take no pleasure in the loss of life, Rockefeller is but an aspect of me, of you, of Source Energy, we are One, he embodied an energy disguised as humanitarian and which at the core thrived on keeping us locked down in 3D.

Yesterday was not an ordinary day on Planet Earth. And today a new beginning.

~Love, Esther

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