Over the last couple of days I have felt at a stand still in my life. It was as if no matter what I did I couldn’t get anything moving–I was stuck and all of my skills and tools of manifestation weren’t working. I was puzzled by my position of being stuck. At the same time I knew that struggling against it and forcing it to budge wasn’t going to do me any good–in fact it would only cause resistance.

So what did I do? I played. I read. I watched movies. I had coffee with friends. I meditated. I wrote. I worked out. I had fun.

Over those two days wicked thunderstorms battered the area. The storms would move in with fierceness and intensity and move out quickly–only to return again in a few minutes. It was very unusal.

I knew it was all connected: the storms and my feeling of being stuck. My soul whispered to me that major change was happening across the planet. Energy is being shifted. The winds and the storms were carriers of the change and also the result of the change. My being stuck was the universe telling me to hold tight, stand still, don’t start any new right now because I am rearranging things and everything will be so much easier once this change blows through.

Yesterday I started to feel movement again. It was a feeling much like what I gather a tree feels when the sap starts running in the spring. Today there has been great movement. A bursting forth of sorts. I feel excited. My spirit is excited. We are expecting good things to show up in our experience any time now.

I checked in with my soul and indeed a new vibe, a new energy has been ushered in. With it comes the message that the time is NOW. I keep seeing that word NOW across the screen of my mind in big bold capital letters. NOW.

NOW excites me even more for I sense and my spirit senses that the waiting period is over. The challenges in manifestation have disintegrated and much will start to tumble into my reality. This message my soul said is not only for me but for everyone.

To confirm the change universe sent me a message. I won a free lunch for four at a local restaurant. Abundance abounds and I get to share it with my friends. Rejoice!

Love, Esther

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