Open Your Third Eye Process

The Third Eye is a mystical concept which symbolizes to many a state of enlightenment.  It is spoken of as the gate that leads to the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. And it is often associated with deep intuition, visions, clairvoyance, precognition and out of body experiences.

The Spiritual Third Eye is connected to the pineal gland,  a mystery to many. The Pineal Gland controls the biorhythms of the body and many people think of it as The Seat of the Soul.

The Third Eye is characterized by the color indigo.

It is located between the eyebrows and is associated with the elements of time and light.

To enhance the third eye eat dark bluish colored fruits, liquids and spices.


You may be thinking if there is a third eye is there a first and a second?
The first eye is often referred to as the sense of sight. The second eye is the eye of reason and reflection.

The Third Eye builds on the first two. It is mystical in nature. When it’s open the heart, mind and body come together in deep connection. A spiritual awakening occurs on a very deep level.

I clearly remember when my third eye opened. I was in the middle of a Core Belief Engineering Process healing and restoring my love of Self. During the process I had a clear image emerge in my mind’s eye of the most beautiful eye I had ever seen. It had long lush dark lashes. The eye was multi colored like that of a brilliant peacock feather. The energy and emotion of the eye was one of love, peace, sincerely and connection.

My Third Eye blinked open and then closed a few times as I grew accustomed to it. I intuitively knew I was opening my Third Eye and that this was a significant step in my personal and spiritual growth and transformation.

When my Third Eye fully opened I was in awe. I felt a pop in between my brows which I later came to understand and believe was my pineal gland opening at the very same time.

Since this time I have connected deeply with my Third Eye and use it during my meditations, while working with clients and during my own spiritual journey. I access my Third Eye at any time for guidance, perception and awareness. Opening my third eye has enhanced my work with clients, was the precursor to the opening of my channeling ability and has enriched my life.

Recently during a time of meditation I received the message that it was time to help others to open their Third Eye. People like you are wanting and desiring to access this wonderful source of guidance and information and develop more fully into your magnificent self.

As a result I have put together a special  2 hour process to assist you in accessing and opening your Third Eye. This process will allow you to be in a better position to deepen your relationship with Self and the world around you.

If you feel uncomfortable reading or talking about your Third Eye rest assured that it is a natural part of every person. As I indicated earlier it is a combination of all of your senses and mind working together on powerful level.


During this special Open Your Third Eye Process I use a  combination of holistic therapy–Core Belief Engineering style–visualization and energy healing to help you to discover, explore, connect with and open this very special part of yourself. We will take it step by step with me gently guiding you along the way.


What Can Result From Opening Your Third Eye?

  • increased intuition
  • higher levels of awareness and consciousness
  • deeper self trust and trust of others
  • deeper connection with Universe and your spirit guides
  • stronger more meaningful spiritual connections
  • the ability to get answers to your questions from within and from Universe
  • greater sense and interpretation of energy
  • you will be able to process information beyond analysis, reasoning and rationalizing

Other Benefits and Results People  Experience From The Open Your Third Eye Process


  • new perceptions of old or current situations
  • the ability to look at other people and the world differently with more compassion and understanding
  • a new sense of “knowing”
  • feel more connected to God/Universe and to everything and everyone around you
  • a lightness of being
  • glimpse into other dimensions
  • increased astral travel

What Else Might You Experience?   

  • a slight pressure or stirring or awakening between your brows
  • some people sense or notice a deep inner sigh when the eye opens
  • you may visualize or sense the eye opening
  • unique experiences may begin to occur during meditation, sleep state, visualization exercises, while working with clients


 How Will All Of This Benefit You? 

  • Becoming more conscious and aware with increased intuition will improve your day to living and life in general… you already understand this on some level
  • your relationship with yourself and and others will benefit
  • able to make better decisions more quickly
  • gain a new source of guidance and information to help you in all situations including financial, career, health, relational
  • increase knowledge and ability of talents, skills and abilities
  • holistic and energy workers will feel more connected to their clients and be better equipped to assist and guide them
  • many people feel that life becomes more rich, deeper and peaceful


By participating in the Open Your Third Eye Process you open yourself up to the possibility of all of these experiences and results. You create a space for yourself to step further into your magnificence. When you participate in this process, imagine what can unfold for you in your life.


Open Your Third Eye Process includes: 

  • a one on one  2 hour personal session with Esther via instant teleseminar system, accessible by web call, telephone, skype
  • A DEEP DIVE into your 3rd Eye as an energy center, part of your whole, a fascinating process
  • discover, explore, connect with and open your  Third Eye
  • clear and release blocks holding you back from opening this mystical and yet very real part of yourself

Added Bonus:

  • MP3 Recording of the session. This is a courtesy.
  • Please note from time to time due to the high vibrations on the call technology wobbles.


 Open Your Third Eye Process – Special Pricing $447 US (ends Nov 30th)  

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Liberate Your Third Eye!

~Love, Esther



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