Expand Your Third Eye 30 Day Event

Starts October 15th and runs until November 15th, 2019 

The Third Eye is a mystical concept which symbolizes to many a state of enlightenment and perception beyond ordinary sight. It is spoken of as the gate way that leads to the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness;  The Seat of the Soul. And it is often associated with deep intuition, visions, clairvoyance, the abilities to see energy, see auras, see and experience all of your chakras. precognition, out of body experiences and enhanced psychic abilities.

What Can Result From Expanding Your Third Eye?

  • increased intuition, knowing, sensing, feeling, understanding, visions
  • seeing and feeling energies, auras, chakras
  • higher levels of awareness and consciousness
  • deeper self trust and trust of others
  • intensified dreams state and remembering your dreams
  • deeper connection with Universe and your spirit guides
  • stronger more meaningful spiritual connections
  • the ability to get answers to your questions from within and from Universe
  • greater sense and interpretation of energy
  • you will be able to process information beyond analysis, reasoning and rationalizing

Other Benefits and Results People  Experience From The Open Your Third Eye Process

  • new perceptions of old or current situations
  • the ability to look at other people and the world differently with more compassion and understanding
  • a new sense of “knowing”
  • feeling more peaceful
  • feel more connected to God/Universe and to everything and everyone around you
  • a lightness of being
  • glimpse into other dimensions
  • increased astral travel

What Else Might You Experience?   

  • a slight pressure or stirring or awakening between your brows
  • some people sense or notice a deep inner sigh when the eye opens
  • you may visualize or sense the eye opening
  • unique experiences may begin to occur during meditation, sleep state, visualization exercises, while working with clients


 How Will All Of This Benefit You? 

  • Becoming more conscious and aware with increased intuition will improve your day to living and life in general… you already understand this on some level
  • your relationship with yourself and and others will benefit
  • able to make better decisions more quickly
  • gain a new source of guidance and information to help you in all situations including financial, career, health, relational
  • increase knowledge and ability of talents, skills and abilities
  • holistic and energy workers will feel more connected to their clients and be better equipped to assist and guide them
  • many people feel that life becomes more rich, deeper and peaceful
By participating in the Expand Third Eye 30 Day Event you open yourself up to the possibility of all of these experiences and results. You create a space for yourself to step further into your magnificence. When you participate in this process, imagine what can unfold for you in your life.

Expand Your Third Eye Process includes:                                                         

  • energy processes, energy exercises, home assignments, frequency recordings
  • digging up limiting beliefs clouding the third eye
  • releasing those limiting beliefs
  • exploring possible past life carry overs blocking third eye function
  • and releasing past life overlays
  • get to know your 3rd Eye Energy center in a meaningful way
  • clear and release blocks holding you back from opening this mystical and yet very real part of yourself
  • feedback, commentary and suggestions from Esther throughout the 30 days


Program Details and Logistics:

  • During the 30 days Esther will send out frequent emails, approx every 3 to 4 days, outlining the energy processes, exercises, home assignments etc ALL designed to take your third eye function to next level of expansion +++
  • Whats App Group for sharing your home assignments, what you have discovered, asking questions and receiving tips, suggestions etc from Esther
  • Whats App Group dedicated to videos of further explanation, tips, suggestions and inspiration from Esther
  • Esther reserves the right to add extra days to the program if required.
  • Please note that all of the information you need to participate in the program will be send through an email. You do not have to participate in the Whats App Group however The Whats App groups allows for greater enhancements of your experience, participation, expansion, coaching, suggestions, tips, working with a group consciousness of 3rd eye expansion, accountability and community. It is amazing what energy and shifts a group can create together when focused on the same creation.

Sign up for the Expand Your Third Eye 30 Day Event Now and let’s get You started on the road to a deeper and more meaningful life.

Expand Your Third Eye 30 Day Event- $127 US (taxes if applicable)

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TESTIMONIALS: Recently I held a Free Expand Your Third Eye Event and in just a short time of implementing 4 simple energy exercises people experienced results. Imagine what is possible in 30 days:

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