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Zero Point ~ Neutrality

At times we feel on top of the world in bliss and at other times ready to throw in the towel and bury ourselves under a nice duvet with some chocolate cake. When life gets crazy the space of Zero Point, Neutrality is a great place to be because in neutrality, in the stillness and the calm, we can easily be the Observer, watch what is happening without getting pulled in all kinds of direction, despair and addictions etc…And make clear choices.

The Zero Point Energy Track is a powerful silent energy transmission which assists you in connecting with Zero Point within that space of neutrality, of stillness and calm. The MP3 is over 18 minutes long and is also infused with the healing energies of the Ravne Tunnels located in the Valley of the Pyramids in Bosnia. It is one of the most beloved, used and powerful Energy Transmissions I have ever recorded.

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Enhancing & Trusting Your Intuition (26 mins)

Intuition is the key to unlock the wisdom of the Universe and get answers to every question you will ever have at any given time, in every situation.

When you access and trust your intuition you gain a beautiful resource to support you on your life journey and ascension into higher consciousness.

Intuition allows you to anticipate situations before they happen as well as determine what the feelings in your body are telling you.

Listen to this guided meditation with music to open, enhance and expand this Divine gift. Strengthen self-trust, gain confidence to take back your power and choose for you.

It will also allow you to feel more grounded and in control of your life with the ability to ask yourself, “What is for my highest and best good in this situation?” and receive answers.

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Releasing Fear (25 mins)

Any time a fear pops up, this guided meditation with music will help you face it and and let it go.

When fear is dissolved your courage and confidence rise to the surface empowering you in all areas of life.
Part of the confidence you gain is knowing you are capable of using meditation to transform energy previously wasted on fearfulness into energy that creates peace of mind, joy, and a life designed by you.

Listen to a sample of Releasing Fear Meditation:

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