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Experience An Instant Money Shift

Experience An Instant Money Shift and Say YES To Money Abundance, Your Divine Birthright!

Clear The Blocks Sabotaging Your Abundance
and Attract More Money Into Your Life.

This is not a meditation or seminar.

It is an actual process and activation session to help you draw more money into your life.

The Money Activation Process blends together belief change therapy, energy work, and attunements. It will help you clear and heal the blocks preventing you from attracting money into your life.

This work will assist you in:

  • accessing core issues and energies blocking your flow of money
  • clear your money blocks at deep levels
  • transform your Self and money beliefs on all levels past, present and future
  • change your frequency and lift your vibration in relation to money
  • connect and align with the energy of money around the planet
  • align you with money wealth
  • heal money block challenges
  • assist you in embodying a vibration compatible with money and money abundance

And so much more…..

Listen to the recording often and allow the energy of change and transformation to penetrate more deeply. The energy of the call and the attunements given during the process are embedded in the recording and will work on those who were live at the event and those who listen afterwards. In fact the energy of change will grow stronger the more people listen to it and the field of change and transformation deepens.

Format: MP3 Download
Length: 60 Minutes

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* When you receive your Money Activation Process, please save the file immediately to your computer.

Here’s What People Are Saying


Just wanted to drop you a line because I did the money activation process with my husband this afternoon. As we listened I was shocked by the vibrations I was feeling. My body was buzzing, spinning, shaking and I felt an incredible amount of light, energy and joy expanding from within me and out into the world. My husband was worried that he fell asleep in the middle of it but I told him that it was okay because his subconscious was still taking it all in. He did say that he felt peaceful afterwards and liked your delivery. During the recording my Skype pinged with a message from a client saying he had more writing work for me, which made me smile. Just wanted to let you know it was great and my husbands first introduction to what you do. You are truly a gift. … ~S.J.E. Burlington, Ontario

I had just received a huge bill and thought I had to choose between paying my rent and paying that bill. If I didn’t pay the bill my credit rating would be affected. I was freaking out. I listened to the recording right away, and as I drifted off to sleep, I figured out how to pay both bills immediately. In the following week, incredible things started happening to me after that shift. And the MAP (Money Activation Process) is a significant icing on the cake to push me forward, faster…… S.J Mississauga, Ontario
Just wanted to take a minute to share with you my experiences with your “Money Activation” Process. What I have concluded is:1. It most definitely clears more than money blocks. (My husband thanks you). 2. I have found I feel like a fog has lifted in many areas of my life. More clarity. 3. I found that even though my conscious mind may not be in on it, my unconscious mind does the work without the conscious mind. i.e. 4. I hear even though I might not be listening….. Theri Grevelis, Woodbury, Minnesota USA

I had uncontrollable tears running down my face from one of my blocks…wow!…. J.L Oakville, Ontario

Wow the energy was fabulous and fast moving I am feeling abundant already …. Tina, Manitoba

Wowsers! Thanks! …. Tatianta, Toronto, Ontario

For the first time I really see and understand that money is energy and how much there is in the world. Thank you Esther! …. Stacey, Oakville, Ontario

Esther the session was unbelievable. Thanks!… Kathy, Burlington, Ontario

When we finished this process I checked my email box and I had two new inquiries about my services. I believe! … Kevin, London, Ontario


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