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Clearing Blocks and The Energy Of Resistance

What If All The Blocks Keeping You From What You Want Just Disappeared?

Dynamic Energy Process Just For You!

Claim Your Freedom From Negativity, Limitation, Blocks and Resistance.

Open Yourself To The Possibility To Have The Amazing Life You Deserve

The current frequencies and energies of are creating the most powerful vibration for accelerated change and transformation.

You are being supported in the most remarkable way to experience shifts and growth in every area of your life.

Esther has channeled a process rich with deep transformational energy work, healing, holistic therapy and conscious creating strategies to dissolve, transmute and vaporize blocks and resistance occupying any area of your life.

One clearing session could change your life and at the very least – IT WILL change your vibration.

And we all know what happens when you vibration changes — Shift Happens!

During this process you will:

  • Discover and change the value and benefits to holding onto your problem
  • Clear other people’s limiting influence
  • Release blocks and resistance to moving forward
  • Clear the sneaky subconscious belief of, “I can’t change this.”
  • Flood yourself with the vibration of change
  • Break free from your issue or problem
  • Clear the resistance you have been holding onto for years or decades keeping in place negativity and preventing good stuff from flowing in
  • And much much more…

Oh and you will also clear the belief that you need this problem or issue to keep you conscious, moving forward and working on yourself. Yes that belief. I had it too but I don’t any longer thanks to this process!

Format: MP3 Download
Length: 46 Minutes

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You too can break free and clear toxic, trapped energy, beliefs, thoughts, ideas, memories and images which don’t serve you in the pursuit of your dreams.

Whether your issue is with money, relationships, health, well being, stress, confidence, insecurities, dealing with other people, love, career or anything else that is causing you to grrrrr, this process will assist you in accessing the energy creating the block and help you clear it.

All you have to do is be open and receptive to change and participate in the process.

By embedding the high energy vibrations into an audio recording, Esther and her Spirit Team have made it easy and simple for you to do your inner work and make significant change from the comfort of your home and on your own schedule.

Each time you listen to the process pick one issue to work on. Listen to the process over and over while holding that issue in your focus to get deeper clearing and cleansing.

When you are ready select another problem or area of concern to work on.

You can use this process over and over clearing issues, problems and blocks in all areas of your life.

Here’s what people are saying


My inner voice told me to do your Clearing Blocks Process. Well, oh boy. It is the first time I do this process and notice such a big shift in my behavior the next day. First of all, during the process I yawned and was tearing the whole time as it usually happens when I do this process (and I do it often). At the end of the process I truly felt lighter and at Peace. My homework was to write a letter to myself to apologize and to forgive myself for who I was being. But mostly, to accept me and to know that this is who I needed to be at that time. Again for the first time I took the action right away. I’ve been feeling like that button that triggers certain reactions is gone. I still see certain things that bug me but my reaction is just so different. Much less impulsive and volatile. The last few days I really felt a shift. I had been longing for so long to be at peace at work and something changed within. It’s all thanks to your gifts. ~M. Etobicoke, Ontario

I wanted to share with you that during this process my body tingled all over. I yawned about 15 times during the process. They were really deep yawns that came all the from my solar plexus and I had to really open my jaw to let it all out. And then, tears were flowing down my face but I wasn’t crying or emotional, they were simply flowing. What a release!!! Amazing work. Thank you so much
~Marsha, Mississauga

Hi Esther. Purchased the Clearing Blocks download yesterday and did the meditation last night. Absolutely fabulous. I could feel the heat throughout my body and felt wonderful afterward. ~Anna, Mississauga

I love this energy vibration work. Intense. ~Cari, Toronto

The first time I went through this activation I felt energy releasing all over my body especially in my solar plexus and hips. Going to do it again. ~Sherry, Edmonton

I checked out your Clearing Blocks activation earlier this week and afterward I had a 12 hour manic cleaning binge (despite being sick). It was like a compulsion. I was even cleaning/degreasing the top of the fridge, the cupboards inside and out and even the light fixtures in my kitchen LOL. I also pulled everything out of my utility closet, bathroom cabinets, linen closet, every drawer and started decluttering. Threw out a ton of stuff (some to charity some to garbage). Seriously I was so weak and sick I’d clean for 10 mins and have to lie down for 30 but I’d be back up and at it – couldn’t stop. ~Merlene, Stoney Creek, Ontario

Oh I didn’t want this process to end. The energy was so high, but I felt complete by the end. ~Joanne, Hamilton

Thank you Esther and Universe this is exactly what I needed. ~Ali, Toronto

Feeling the most incredible release…. ~Cathy, Oakville

I feel calm, centered, full of joy, like I have broken free… ~Sharon, Twin Cities


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