If 2024 is going to be your year then Now is the time to act.

Start Strong and Get Momentum Going by incorporating these practices into your every day life.

1. Your Daily Practice is Your Strongest Practice: Establish and Commit to your daily practices for success. For instance, in the morning, before my feet hit the floor, I already start to set up my day vibrationally. Vibe Up. I set the tone through words, thoughts, visualization and feeling state. Then, I walk from my bed straight outside (sometimes a quick bathroom stop) to watch the sunrise with naked eyes and bare feet grounding. There’s more to my daily practice but this is how I start, every morning. My daily practices keep me grounded, focused and sane when life gets wobbly.

2. Mindset. Your vibration is determined by your thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions and concepts of reality. The right mindset will support and fortify you. A negative or limited mindset holds you back.

3. Inner self reflection and healing. Unresolved issues, trauma, memories and events from the past, unacknowledged and held within, only fester and grow causing you to dip and lose control at the most importune moments of time. Healing and release work frees you from the chains and burdens of the past.

4. Unwavering Focus on your desired outcome. One of the steps to conscious creation, is holding unwavering focus on your desired outcome, rather than focusing on what is. Make it fun. Part of your Daily Practice. Visualizing your desired outcome for a minute a day or a few minutes every so often, is not enough. Unwavering Focus is required.

5. Inspired Action. When inspired, intuitive nudges flash and urge you to take action, Do It. Even it if sounds or feels crazy. Sometimes Universe has to make crazy maneuvers to get you into right place, at the right time, with the right people; for the right opportunity.

6. Take Chances. You’ve got to be willing to take chances and risks in order to create the life you desire. If this is a stumbling block work on #2, #3, #4 and #5.

7. Fun and Adventure generate fabulous energies for conscious creating and for everyday living. Give yourself permission to enjoy life.

8. Asking people for help when you need it. People connections are important, as is asking for help. My experience is that when you ask for help, people are willing. And if what you are asking for is out of their wheelhouse, they will help you find someone who fits the bill.

9. Establish a strong and meaningful connection with your Higher and Wiser Self. The Divine Aspect of you that knows everything there is to know about you. And along with God/Universe is your best source of information.

Helping people to link up with and access their Higher Self for guidance, answers, solutions, understanding friendship and companionship is one of my favourite inner work processes to guide, because it empowers YOU. No need to seek out gurus, healers, readers etc. to give you answers. You can get all you need from your Higher Wiser Self.

Do you need help connecting with, and establishing a clear and firm bond with your Higher Self?

When I work with people during sessions and readings many tell me that they feel receiving answers from Higher Self feels unachievable. Most people doubt that they are really connecting to their Higher Self and don’t trust the answers coming through.

That’s where I come in, as facilitator of a discussion between you and your Higher Self, to find out what she/he wants to to tell you, and what you want and need to know.

Meet and Channel Your Higher Self is a 90 minute specialty process that is one of the most popular inner work processes I offer.

Here’s how this process unfolds:

  • I will guide you to a deep connection with your Higher Self using the methods and techniques I have been practicing for over 19 years with clients.
  • I will help you to know your Higher Self, feel comfortable with her/him and know how your Higher Wiser Self communicates with you.
  • Once we have established the connection, I will facilitate a Q&A between you and your Higher Self  to get your questions answered and also a few others you may not of thought of.
  • You are doing the channeling. I’m overseeing the process.
  • We will ask your Higher Self if there are any healing, releases and changes it can make for you during the session.

  Connection + Answers + Healing that’s a winning, uplifting combination.     

For the month of January Special Winter Pricing is in effect.

Regular $297 US NOW for January 2024 $197 US.

Read through the information page for all the details including session dates and times. https://whispersfromthesoul.com/higher-self-process

Love, Esther

Hi I’m Esther Bartkiw, holistic core belief therapist, intuitive and energy reader; entangled with LIGHT. I blend core belief therapy with psychological tips, tools and techniques, spiritual concepts and practices to facilitate for my clients deep inner change which positively transforms their day to day reality.

Access Me Here: https://linktr.ee/estherbartkiw

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