Star Seeds Awakening and Expansion Process


Star Seeds Awaken, Expand, Unite

Calling All Star Seeds it is time to Awaken and Expand Your Star Seed Code and Connect with your Star System And Family

As Star Seed, You came to Earth for such a time as this, to assist the Ascension Process of Humanity and Earth.

To liberate yourself from the Matrix and uplift others to do the same.

To support and comfort people during uncertain times such as now.

To be a Beacon of Light, a pillar of stability and to offer a word of hope, understanding and wisdom when asked.

To radiate Love and offer unconditional love, a smile, act of kindness to those you come in contact with in real life and through technology.

To anchor in new timelines on Earth and for Humanity.

To continue to awaken, study, grow and be an example to others.

To align with Source within and from that space be discerning regarding all information being presented. Repelling false messages.

Stand in your Power.

Manifesting your desires, wishes and dreams, the life you want to lead; the world you want to live in.

Star Seed:  Beings of Light that come from various corners of the Universe to help mankind evolve to the next level of higher consciousness and usher in the Shift to 5D and above frequencies upon the the planet.Whether you are aware you are a Star Seed, or you are new to this concept but  feel a stirring within that this is your next step in awakening, expansion, with a desire to to know your star seed mission more fully, this class is for you.


Since the Star Seed Activation everything finally makes sense.  Growing up I knew that I was different,  and I never felt like I fit in. I  now have peace of mind that I no longer need to wonder what makes me so different   Before the attunement, I was plagued by negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, doubts.  Now I am more at peace.  I have some new abilities and also  feel that my psychic abilities will start developing faster. I am very excited. ~Lori, Canada

It’s been a year since my Star Seed Activation and I am in contact with my Star Family daily. By knowing who I am more deeply as Spirit and where I come from, the Pleiades, I feel more confident. I now know my purpose is to be Light to the world and to help others know that change is possible. In fact a few months after the activation I quit my job and started my own healing practice. Thank you. I am much more at peace.  ~Cathryn, USA

Star Seed Activation Includes:

  • Working within your personal Vortex and with the Energies of the Bosnian Pyramids
  • To Activate your Star Seed Code and Your Star Seed Blueprint
  • Awaken Dormant DNA
  • Discover your Star Seed Mission
  • Align with your Star Seed Heritage
  • Meet your Star Family
  • Journey through wormholes and Star-Gates to connect with your home of Origin
  • Discover, Explore and Learn about your Home Base
  • Infuse yourself with the Light and Energy of your Star Constellation
  • Raise your Frequency and Vibration to be in greater alignment with your Divine and Star Self.
  • Embed Sacred Geometry in your body and system for remembrance of You.
  • Link up heart and mind, masculine and feminine energies, blend the left and right brain into wholeness and harmony.
  • Clear limiting beliefs, patterns, behaviors, other people’s energy –all that you are not from your mind, body and system.
  • and so much more….

Awakening Your Star Seed Vibration and Wisdom the Benefits:

  • Connect with members of your Star Family for Guidance, Direction and Camaraderie
  • Discover your Star Seed Gifts Talents and Abilities
  • Learn your role as Star Seed
  • Enhance your intuition, inner knowing and psychic abilities
  • Understand yourself better
  • Be at peace with your uniqueness
  • Open yourself to higher vibrations and frequencies


As A Result Of Learning More About Your Star Seed Origins And Tapping into Your Unique Gifts And Talents

  • You will be able be a Light to the people around you and the world at a very time in earth history when LIGHT is needed
  • Enjoy life more fully
  • Manifestations will quicken
  • Feel more on purpose
  • As your vibrations increase you will experience more fulfilling relationships, abundance, joy, calm, better health, the co-creation of your desires

You Will Have A Whole Team Of Star Beings To Assist and Guide You On Your Life Path

I have so much fun with my Star Family. There is one Light Being specifically in charge of helping me fulfill my Star Seed Role. He is tall and often stern but I feel such great love from him. We communicate often and he has guided me through many decisions. I am happy I participated in this Activation ~Gill

Honestly since I became aware that I am a Star Seed from Orion I feel connected and I understand myself and my quirks much better. I no longer judge myself and my choices. As a result I am enjoy life and living my passions; writing and traveling to connect with other Star Seeds. ~Sharon, California

If you know you are a Star Seed and are wondering what to do with that knowledge then this Activation Class is for you.

If you suspect you are Star Seed then this Activation is for you.

If you are unsure if you are a Star Seed but are curious about the concept then take the curiosity as your Star Seed Family nudging you to take notice.

Working with cosmic universal energies and your own personal vortex, plus the energies of the Bosnian Pyramids, I guide you through a process to Activate your Star Seed Code and Connect You with your Star System and Family.

Star Seeds have incarnated to Earth at this specific time in World History to help humanity and all of the planet to Ascend into the 5D New Earth and beyond.

It is important that we band together to support each other in this role we volunteered for and were excited to participate in.

Star Seed Activation PLUS 2 Bonuses

Star Seed Code Activation…  1 hour 46 minutes

You A Star Seed Intro: 57 minutes  Bonus 1

Q & A Recording: 37 minutes Bonus 2

For my Canadian clients most of you have the tax coupon code if you do not please email me directly with your exact address for an HST/GST tax discount coupon code before you sign up. Once a transaction is made it cannot be reversed.  Terms of Service, Refund Policy.


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