Soul Alignment ~ Connect With The God Spark Within

Align with the God Spark Within ~ your Inner Being, your Soul Essence

The YOU birthed from Source Energy

During this 2 hour dynamic energy process, meditation and journey, I help you to re-connect, strengthen your connection, align with your God Spark / Soul Essence within.

Reminding you of who you Truly Be, Liquid Light and Love.

Align you with the Source that resides within.

When you align with the Source Within, you understand more fully that we live in an expansive Universe.

You begin to live life sifting through experiences coming to new conclusions; always expanding.

You are sensitive to your own emotions and consciously, deliberately guide your thoughts.

You know you can be, do, have anything.

During our Energy Work and Meditation Journey You Will:

  • Work in your personal Vortex and Torus Field for alignment harnessing the energies of the Bosnian Pyramids
  • Download transmissions and information from your personal Akashic Records of your skills, talents, abilities, life plan
  • Receive higher LIGHT infusion and release of limitations
  • Activate your light body
  • Pull into your body and anchor your Soul Essence, Frequency, Tone –who you truly be
  • Raise your Frequency and Vibration to align with Divine Self
  • Reconnect with your Higher Self and strengthen that connection
  • Experience You as the liquid light, love and energy that you are
  • Flood yourself with Source Energy and Divine Light
  • Link up heart and mind, masculine and feminine energies, blend the left and right brain into wholeness and harmony
  • Clear limiting beliefs, patterns, behaviors, other people’s energy ready to release — all that you are not from your mind, body and energy field
  • and so much more….

The Benefits: When you align with the Source Within, Your Soul Essence you:

  • Access the wisdom within, hear it, know it, feel confident with the information
  • Gain a heightened awareness and experience of your True Self,  your circumstances, situations, the world at large making life easier to navigate
  • Enhance communication with God, your spirit guides, nature, animal, crystal, mineral kingdoms
  • Intuition sharpens
  • Clarity… guidance, information, directive, impulses of action steps you receive from within is clear because of your Soul Alignment. You use the guidance to…
  • Manifest your wishes and dreams, the life you want to live and experience
  • Self Love and Acceptance deepens

Plus Receive:

  •  Tips and suggestions on how to get back into alignment quickly if you move out of Soul Alignment
  •  Strengthen your Soul Essence connection so that anytime you move out of alignment, you will be aware of it quickly and have the conscious fortitude and awareness to choose to move back into alignment just as fast

Move into vibrational Soul Alignment and expand your experience of living as Source Energy in human form on planet Earth.

Soul Alignment ~ Connect With The God Spark Within

Isn’t it time sweet being of Light to Remember Who You Are? Return You To You?

Length: 2 hours MP3 recording

The Background Story: I’ve been focusing on creating conscious awareness regarding the importance of raising your vibration.

One of the benefits of raising your vibration is to align with the Source Within, Your Soul Essence.

When you are in Soul Alignment you are in the flow of receiving messages, wisdom, understanding, intuitive hits, impulses, directives of action direct from Source assisting you in manifesting your wishes and dreams, the life you want to live and experience here on Earth plus so much more.

As I’ve been working with you to raise your vibration in fun, simple and easy ways, and this Soul Alignment takes hold, I realized not everyone is aware of who they truly be. And so before we continue to focus on Raising Our Vibration let’s gather to Remember and Reconnect with True Self, The Source Within. Soul Alignment.

~Love, Esther

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