April 6th Energy Update: Saturn turns retrograde today until August 25th and will create a heaviness and serious tone to the rest of the week as the movement backwards commences. We already have two planets in retro Venus and Jupiter and now here’s serious, disciplinary, tough love planet Saturn turning retro.
The areas this planet will draw our attention to include time management. Are you taking responsibility for your life your actions, thoughts, beliefs? Is there someone who can say No to you and their no or yes means more then your no or yes?
Saturn in retro wants you to be mature or as my dad used to say act your age and not your shoe size. I know I had to clear that energy overlay, but he meant well just like Saturn does.
This is the time to review the routines and structures in your life. Review habits especially when it comes to health. Exercise, body movement, eating, sleeping, play, fun; self care. What needs improvement to support the health and well being you desire? There may be some serious wake up calls during this Saturn retrograde in regards to health. But note if a serious health problem does show up during this time, because Saturn retro is involved you have the universal planetary support to make change and have that change stick. For anything we shift and implement during Saturn retrograde will have a strong, solid foundation. These words are not meant to scare anyone but rather empower you to know that this is a great time to make change, break bad habits and whatever you shift will be strong.
Really anything that impacts your daily life will be under review thanks to Saturn. That could be work. Your hobby. A Relationship.
Legalities. Are you organized?
Also what is taking up your time in your day to day? And is it worth it to you to expend so much time and energy on it? Who supports you in your day to day life? Are they the right support team or do adjustments need to be made?
Many people in tune with the cosmos moan and groan when Saturn is in play and especially when Saturn is in retrograde. It is a more somber, heavy, serious energy but as you can see as you read my words, this period of four months gives us plenty of opportunity to examine the details of our daily life, make change and as I have already stressed, change that Will stick, root and be solid.
Just as some additional information. I noticed this shift last night here in Belgrade. I was up watching episodes of Chopped because I could not sleep. I had a dull headache in the center of my head. Experiencing extreme thirst but in a very calm and neutral state. It lasted from about 11 pm to 3 am CEST, which would have been evening Eastern time. Afternoon pacific. Morning Hawaii time and early Thursday morning Asia time. The energy symptoms didn’t last long and weren’t intrusive although I did miss out on a few hours of good quality sleep. You may or may not have noticed anything and that is okay. If today is “heavy” for you note what I mentioned on From Heartache to Joy yesterday during my interview with Eram. This month requires patience as we move through many periods of stop, start, stall and slow down.
~Love, Esther

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